Dress Up, Slip Out

I’ve been finding myself drawn lately to styles that remind me of the 40s and 50s – dresses with full skirts, little cardigans to wear over top of them, stockings with a seam that runs up the back of the leg, and underneath it all slips like the kind my mother used to wear, delicate straps, lace trimmed, ending just above the knee.

While shopping on the weekend with Renu I picked out a wrap around style dress with a collared neckline, long sleeves and a belted waistline. I was wearing tall leather boots at the time and when I tried the dress on, I couldn’t resist buying it (a steal at $30) and as I left the store, I was determined to find a lacy slip to wear underneath. Imagine then my pleasure at finding one shortly after, black, lace trimmed with delicate straps.

I told Rebecca on Tuesday that I would be wearing my new dress on Wednesday as I had to stay late for meetings and early the next morning I ran into her in the hallway as I was returning to my office. She complimented me on the dress, my boots, my new haircut and as I stood in the doorway, with no one else in the hallway, I was so excited about the slip underneath that I couldn’t resist pulling up the hem of my dress to reveal it underneath.

As I stood there, hem in hand, the door to the men’s bathroom opened and a male colleague stepped into the hall and like a deer in headlights, I froze. He froze too, for the briefest of moments and then, as he took a step forward, a grin on his face, I took a matching step back, retreating into my office and my dress falling back into place.

Dressed like a lady but impossible to take out :).

Dress up, slip out.

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3 Responses to Dress Up, Slip Out

  1. AL says:

    Oh Tawn, sounds like something I would do so I completely relate. Depending on which co-worker, I’m sure you made their day.

  2. flud22 says:

    very funny! now who was it? anyone i know?

  3. Tawny says:

    Well you interviewed him when you decided to LEAVE us (ME). Bet he didn’t know that was one of the perks of the job!! 😉

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