57 Days

I was going to call this post 8 weeks but I didn’t want to create a stir that’s not a stir, so I called it 57 days instead, but really in the larger scope of things, 8 weeks is MUCH more impressive considering I’ve worked my way down to 8 weeks from 104 weeks.

57 days, or 8 weeks, and my braces come off.

I’m super excited and can’t believe how fast the time’s gone by, but at the same time, and as odd as it sounds, I’ve grown attached to my mouth full of metal. I’ve adapted to them, adopted them as part of who I am, they’ve become part of my identity – I go out with friends and I’m the cute girl at the bar with the funky glasses and the braces.

I’ve only just recently gotten used to them – can laugh freely without being self-conscious and no longer try to hide my mouth when I’m talking, laughing, eating.

But the braces are coming off – this is the day I couldn’t imagine ever coming when they were first put on and I wanted to cry I was so miserable and so sure that I would never survive 104 weeks. They’re going to be gone, no longer a part of me and who I am – the world will see my teeth, my smile… and I’m left wondering how I’m going to share something that I’ve kept to myself as much as possible for so long.

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2 Responses to 57 Days

  1. Valentina says:

    Wonderful news, Tawny! I can relate to your joy as I had braces for 2 years in highschool… Looking forward to a picture of your lovely brand new smile! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jody says:

    My girlfriend and I were talking just the other day of how certain people aren’t relaxed enough about some feature that stops them from doing things…like smiling openly and I thought of you. I know that Stacy and I aren’t overly fond of our teeth, but for some strange reason, we have never stopped from smiling big, and strangely being told what beautiful smiles we have. You had a beautiful smile too, but now you will be able to believe it for yourself! (And will have the best smile of us all ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m envious, but so excited for you, you’ve come a long way!

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