I SO Would Have Had His Back

I got to spend a lot of time with my brother when I was home last week, napping most evenings just so I could stay up into the early morning with him but for the most part, it was a fair compromise because he made deep fried pepperoni for us to snack on but in return I got his butt out of bed at 8am to go workout – a very fair compromise because, seriously? Deep fried pepperoni? You know THAT alone was worth more calories than an hour on the treadmill.

On Friday night I went to see 300 with him, despite having only a fleeting interest in the movie because I anticipated a huge amount of testosterone both on the screen and in the theatre and I wasn’t disappointed. I’d say there was easily 10 guys to every 1 girl in the theatre that night and as we settled into our seats, I fully expected there to be a lot of talking and shouting during the movie and while that would normally drive me nuts, I figured that the movie would be loud enough that it wouldn’t bother me.

It bothered my brother though, and rightly so, because not all the scenes in the movie were all male brawn and aggression and during one particularily quiet scene the noise from the guys was more than my brother could handle and he turned his head to shout at them to shut up. I’ve been in theatres before where someone’s told someone else to shut it but it’s very rarely successful and so I was surprised when the guys in the rows behind us fell quiet. I sat through the rest of the movie marvelling at my brother’s own brawniness and at the same time I pondered if the egos of the 4 or 5 guys behind us would make them start up with my brother once the movie ended.

The movie let out and we briefly stopped in to see Stacy who was managing the theatre and after she showed us her office and the desk she sat behind, John and I told her we’d see her at home and headed out. When we pushed through the theatre doors into the dark night with the mostly empty parking lot before us, I couldn’t help but do a quick scan of our surroundings, expecting the guys from the theatre to be waiting for us.

And then I stopped, because it wasn’t fear or worry or anxiety that I was feeling, it wasn’t me inwardly clucking because I was scared for our safety, nor was it dread because I thought something was about to go down.

It was none of those things at all even though there was a part of my that really DID think something was about to go down.

It was anticipation, and eagerness and excitement becausing I was HOPING something was going to go down. Adrenaline was coursing through my blood, I had my own dose of testosterone, I was looking for those guys because I was ready to go. Just one word and I SO would have laid down and had it out with them. I wanted to throw my nice leather handbag to the ground, pull off my soft red leather gloves and just scrap it out.

I was ready to go and then it didn’t happen. I think the guys were still there, still hanging around but nothing was said to us as we sauntered into the parking lot and maybe (just maybe) it was my brother’s towering height and solidness that kept them back but there’s a small part of me that’s convinced that it was the chick at his side that had the ferocious will shining in her eyes and who SO would have had her brother’s back.

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3 Responses to I SO Would Have Had His Back

  1. AL says:

    Well you are quite a threatening menace;p

  2. Those punks had no idea what they were up against…

  3. Taylor says:

    I see… so is that actually what you want? While most people we deal with are just ignorant vs deliberately being an asshole, for those times I always just figure you’d frown on it (Bad Date Etiquette). When I’ve complained you’ve certainly never said “Ya, you should have told them to ‘shut the #$(@ up”. But if you wanna Tag Team. šŸ™‚

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