The Poll That May Not (Or May) Get Answered

The other night I was at AL’s place for dinner and to exchange Christmas presents and as she began to remove the wrapping paper, I began to preface her opening her gift by saying:

“I wasn’t sure if you had one of these and I kind of took a chance when I bought it for you, and it really wasn’t as expensive as you might think because I got it on sale, and I kind of had second thoughts about buying it for you, but I have to tell you, I have one, and really, it has changed my life completely and, well I really hope you like it.”

And as I babbled on, AL got this very strange look on her face and she looked down at the present in her lap with what I think was some apprehension and then she burst out laughing and I clued in to what she THOUGHT was in the present and soon we were both howling with laughter because what I bought her was so NOT what it sounded like.

When I was finally able to catch my breath, I told her quite seriously that THAT was not something I would take the liberty of buying for her, which led us to talking about ownership and whether or not either one of us owned one and who amongst our female friends were in posession of such an item.

Which leads me to my poll, which may or may not be answered depending on how comfortable you are in discussing the contents of your night table ;).

1) Do you in fact own one (or more?)
2) Did you buy it or receive it as a gift?
3) How old were you when you took possession of it?

If you’re a guy and you’re reading this, you can skip the poll (probably too late for you to skip the post, my apologies 🙂 or, here’s your version of the poll:

1) Does your female partner own one?
2) Does it bother you to think of your female partner owning one?
3) Have you ever given one as a gift or, if not, would you consider it as a gift idea?

Final question – any guesses on what was actually in the box?? 🙂

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3 Responses to The Poll That May Not (Or May) Get Answered

  1. Leave it to you to create another poll of yours based on other friend’s life experiences:)

  2. Jody says:

    Naturally I will be the first to answer (as I’m sure will be presumed by most of you who know me – and naturally because I am not shy).– Yes I own one, two actually.– The first was bought as a gift by my husband,the second we chose together.– I suppose the year I ‘took possession of it was the year I was 30/31?Has it changed my life completely? No, but it sure ads some spice to the old married sex life 😉 (I can’t imagine any die hard addict of Sex and the City not owning one, lol)Now for my question – since this is YOUR poll – do you own one?

  3. As to the question of what the present was – I guess a Roomba or a Grill with removable grills. My money is on Roomba. As for the survey. Yep, I have one. We bought it together a couple years ago. Has it changed my life? Put it this way, his name is Bob.

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