Little Black Dress

Right before we got married, Renu gave me a little black dress to take with me to Vegas – I wore it a lot on our trip and it’s become a key component in my closet ever since. The dress is from Mexx so the quality is good and it’s made with that stretchy thick material that wears well and doesn’t wrinkle. It’s sleeveless but has a straight neckline and the hem is a couple of inches above my knees. One of the reasons that I love it so much is because of how versatile it is – I can wear it with strappy sandals to dress it up, flip flops to dress it down, or black boots to sass it out. It’s the perfect dress for work (with or without a blazer over top) because it transitions to afterhours activities effortlessly.

Last year I was playing around in my closet, trying out new looks and I put on my little black dress over a pair of black straight legged pants of the same material. The dress was a little long but I folded the hem under until it was the length that worked and pinned it in place. I wore it with my collection of mauvy pearl bracelets on my wrist, and black flip flops and everyone loved the look – one friend described it as Las Vegas Glam which, for me, was a huge compliment.

I wore the same outfit (dress and pants) last week to Renu’s house warming/blessing but I wore it with a pale pink pashmina, pale pink eyeshadow and pink crystal earrings. I never really know what to wear to Renu’s family functions, but with the longer top and my pashmina wrapped around me, I ended up feeling like I had perhaps achieved a Canadianized version of the traditional clothes that her and her friends wear.

The hardest part about returning to work this week has been trying to find work clothes that still fit me properly. Normally, I pick out my outfit in the morning, usually mentally planning what I’m going to wear while I’m in the shower, but now I have to figure out what I’m going to wear the night before because I don’t have the time in the morning to try on numerous outfits if something no longer fits. When I was off, I went through a bunch of old clothes that I still have and found a bright red blazer (I am sure my sisters will remember it) that I bought when I was 20(?) and LOVED. I love that blazer so much that I’ve kept it in my closet for 11 years, and imagine my excitement when I tried it on the other week and it fit! I was going to wear the jacket to work this week, but when I tried it on with my black wool pants that I love so much, I was so MAD when the pants wouldn’t stay up. These are my FAVORITE pants that were $90 regular price at the Gap but that I got on sale for $20 last winter. So the red jacket has gone back into the closet for now and the pants have gone into the pile of things to go to my tailor for alterations.

So out comes the little black dress again, except this time, I decided to try something new and I put on a white longsleeved collared shirt underneath it and a pair of black tights – and just like that, my black summer dress has turned into a preppy jumper (it probaby didn’t help that I wore my black Mary-Janes and my hair in a headband). When I went to leave for work yesterday, Tay told me I looked cute in a Catholic school girl kind of way. I understood the implications of going to work looking like a school girl and kind of groaned but by then it was too late and I had to go.

I received various compliments on the dress-as-a-jumper, including one from a male colleague who suggested that what I was wearing would be the perfect uniform for our front desk staff. This same colleague caught me leaving my office a little while later with purse and umbrella in hand and asked where I was going – when I said that I had an appointment he immediately asked if I was going on an interview. I assured him that I wasn’t but neither would I tell him what my appointment was for (I will talk about waxing appointments with most people but NOT my male colleagues, TYVM) so he remains convinced that I was on an interview.

ANYHOW, the point is….this is why every girl should own a little black dress. I’ve worn my one dress (so far) in three different ways, and each time I wear it, it looks like a completely different outfit. And I’m convinced there are MORE ways to wear the dress, I just haven’t discovered them yet.

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4 Responses to Little Black Dress

  1. Fern Wimpley says:

    You could buy a really wide, bright belt. And wear it kind of high.That seems to be a “style” now. Red seems to be in. If you bought a red one you could also find some inexpensive red pearls. I think it’d look sharp, especially with your dark hair.

  2. Valentina says:

    I want a little black dress now too! 🙂 It really sounds like a must-have in a woman’s closet. Can you post a picture?

  3. Jody says:

    Where it with your new red boots (and post a picture!)

  4. Still waiting for a picture!

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