Between the Sheets and Kamikazes

We made plans to go out with our friends Dave and Jackie last night to go see Borat and then have dinner and as we waited for them to arrive, Tay said that he didn’t want to get drunk that night but I misheard him and thought he said that he did to which I replied that I was definitely going to be drinking. D&J showed up with the mixings to make raspberry martinis, which is what they’ve been drinking in the past few weeks and while I normally love a raspberry martini (especially with frozen raspberries as a garnish) I’ve been finding things too sweet lately and when we got back to our place around 11 last night (after drinking a margarita almost the size of my head with dinner), I left them to their martinis while I started flipping through the pages of my book on cocktails. I always thought we had an extensive supply of alcohol but I soon realized how limited my options were going to be as I realized all the different kinds of liquor that isn’t part of our collection.

By the time I had found a cocktail I could actually make, the others had already consumed at least two martinis a piece and were teasing me for taking so long. When I finally told them what I was about to make, it was quickly believed that it wouldn’t take me long to catch up with them.

Between The Sheets
Description: An experience to be shared only with someone you really, really, really like.

ice cubes
1 oz white rum
1oz brandy
1oz cointreau
dash of lemon juice
lemon twist

Both Tay and Dave were a little hesitant to try a sip and Jackie flat out refused. I began to drink it but after about 4 or 5 very apprehensive sips I had to push it away – I very clearly saw trouble headed in my direction if I continued.

My next effort was much more successful.

Description: Crank up your courage, release the throttle and go down in a blaze of glory.

ice cubes
1.5 oz vodka
.5 oz cointreau
1 oz of lemon juice
dash of lime juice cordial

Again Tay and Dave were willing to try a sip and both of them found it to be quite sour though I quite liked it – it reminded me those tearjerker gumballs you can get which I loved when I was younger and by the time I was on my second Kamikaze I had caught up to the others and was on my way to passing them by.

We ended up eating chinese dumplings and hot sauce at 1am and we listened to so much music – I just HAD to play Mr. Brightside by The Killers and turned it up really loud and danced around the kitchen circa The Breakfast Club – Tay dubbed me Molly Ringwald – and he eventually joined me by dancing like Judd Nelson does in the movie. I kept saying that we should go out to a club so we could really dance, but sadly had no takers. The kitchen sufficed for the most part however, although I did have to dance barefoot so as to not slip on the ceramic floor. D&J finally left around 2am and I almost fell asleep (passed out) on the stairs as Tay waited at the door to wave to them in the car.

Thus ends my time off from work – I return tomorrow morning and while I did spend part of today slightly hungover (I was still in bed when my dad showed up to visit and he teasingly commented on the party we must have had when he saw the kitchen), I take great comfort that I ended my sick leave in a tenative yet responsible blaze of glory, kamikaze style.

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3 Responses to Between the Sheets and Kamikazes

  1. I can’t believe you’re back to work already! Where is the time going? Can’t say as I would enjoy the sour drink, just thinking of those sour candies you ate in high school makes me cringe!

  2. flud22 says:

    good for you tawn! btw…next time a.l and i come over i would be willing to try the “between the sheets”…only one tho;P

  3. AL says:

    I’m a kamikaze kinda gal. Love ’em sour and with a bit of bite! Glad to hear you went out in blazes on your pre-return-to-work weekend.

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