One More Merlot

Our spa day was conveniently timed so that there was about a half an hour break in between our two services which provided just enough time for us to have lunch in the cafe overlooking the terrace. We had the roasted red pepper soup with a glass of wine and when it was time for our pedicures both Irene and I still had three quarters of our glasses remaining so we took them with us into the pedicure room. The pedicures at Hockley are done in these big cream colored leather recliners that are raised above the foot sink – the chairs have heat and pulse settings and while it was a dream to recline in our robes with our feet in warm water, it made it even more divine to be sipping on a very nice merlot at the same time.

I’ve discovered that I’ve had to adjust my alcohol intake accordingly however – the night we played pictionary I tried to drink the way that I normally do and didn’t account for the weightloss or the fact that I have less food in my system these days and halfway through my glass of wine today I realized that in addition to my complete and utter comfort and relaxation, I was feeling a little tipsy as well. Life doesn’t get much better than that, quite honestly.

As I was finishing my glass of wine, I happened to pick up the bottle of nailpolish to see the name of the color and I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that it was One More Merlot. I pointed it out to Irene and she laughed at me and we both agreed that while the name of the polish could be considered a sign, maybe I’d be better off leaving the merlot to my toes, which I did.

In fact, I seem to have a thing for wine colored things these days, at least when it comes to my feet. As the esthetician was working on my feet she commented on the effect that wearing high heels were having on the bottom of my feet and then she looked up to confirm that I in fact do wear heels. I sighed and told her that yes, I seem to have a thing for high heeled boots and while I know they’re not good for my feet I can’t help it because they just look so good. When I was out shopping with Anna Lee the other day I couldn’t resist buying these boots and while my plan had been to buy black ones, I found myself unable to resist the dark red ones, which, ironically, has the color code of bordeaux.

Bordeaux boots and merlot toes. For a wine lover, my feet are going to be absolutely irresistable.

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