Taking a Break from My Break

Today is the 4-week mark for my surgery, and like every Thursday since, I had appointments with both my surgeon and my ortho this morning.

The appointment with the surgeon is mostly just a formality now – she looked in my mouth, showed me some exercises for my jaw and when I asked, showed me my xrays that were taken last week. I got to see the skeletal outline of my profile before and after the surgery and I was able to see where the incisions were made and where the plates and screws have been attached to my jaw. A little freaky, but according to my surgeon, I shouldn’t be setting off any metal detectors.

My appointment with my ortho is a little bit more productive – I’m still wearing elastics to help hold my jaw together but I have a lot of mobility – I’m able to smile a little more easily and I’m finding when I yawn, I’m surprised by the amount of movement. The primary purpose of the elastics at this stage though seems to help guide my teeth so that my bite fits together. The elastics I wear during the day aren’t overly visible and don’t affect my speech whatsoever, and at night I attach an additional two that I guess does some extra work while I’m sleeping.

I still can’t eat a lot of regular foods but one thing I can manage is chinese dumplings and I’ve been making them on a regular basis – steaming them and then quickly pan frying them and then having them with hot sauce. Tonight I had chicken and mushroom, but my favorite is pork. Ground or minced meat seems to be key these days, and provides protein and if I pair it with a carb like a pasta, rice or the doughy outer layer of the dumplings, then I’m doing okay. And I drink a can of coke every night just to have the additional calories. Weight wise, the loss has tapered off and I’m maintaining at about 147 lbs, for a total loss of 12lbs.

I’m amazed at how fast the time went, and looking back those first two weeks are a bit of a blur – the days are lost in the depths of my living room couch where I spent so much time sleeping, reading or hanging out with friends. The past couple of weeks I’ve been up and around much more and the past week has been spent writing (NaNoWriMo word count is currently 3691 and it’s only day 2) and working on a website for a friend’s sister. I was up last night until 1am working on it and finally pushed away from my computer at just before midnight tonight to break for the night. Mental exhaustion is settling in (which is a feeling I have missed), and while the website is probably 75% done, I need to take a break from it – tomorrow, Irene and I are driving north to Orangeville to the Hockley Valley Spa. We’ve got massages booked for an hour followed by a spa pedicure. I figured it was just what I needed before going back to work on Monday, so if you’re looking for me, chances are, I’ll be curled up in a cozy bathrobe, snuggled deep in one of the chairs at Hockley while I wait for the indulgence to begin.

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3 Responses to Taking a Break from My Break

  1. Valentina says:

    Fantastic idea! The Spa looks wonderful and I am sure you will have the right amount of relaxation needed to go back to work! Have fun 🙂

  2. I don’t agree. The spa looks horrible. I’m sure it will be miserable. Maybe you shouldn’t go. YEAH RIGHT! LOL. Have a great time. You deserve it!

  3. Jody says:

    Have a relaxing and wonderful time! 🙂

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