And Halloween Was Uneventful

We had only 26 kids come to the door – when we first moved into the neighborhood (8 years ago?) we had a staggering 150 kids show up. The most amusing thing to happen was an adolescent clown who noticed my braces and exclaimed, “You have braces! So do I!” The then grinned to reveal his own mouth full of metal and then added, “We’re braces-friends!”

I did manage to eat a treat-size Crunchie (sucked on the sponginess toffee until it kinda melted in my mouth) and a bag of cheesies and Tay and I watched the most recent Dexter, followed by Signs (Joaquin is still HOT and I LOVE him). It was either that or Dawn of the Dead (I swear, someone needs to make a movie about zombies in corn fields and I would surely faint from fear). I’m also close to finishing Cell – you can’t really get better than reading some Stephen King on Halloween.

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