Never Too Late To Love Your Body

I had every intention to participate in this year’s boobie-thon like I did last year, just as I had planned on mentioning Love Your Body Day but as a result of everything else that’s been happening the past few weeks, both things slipped my mind.

Love Your Body Day was October 18, and yeah, I missed it by a week, but who says loving your body needs to be limited to just one day a year? I say love your body everyday – it’s the only one you’re ever going to receive so you might as well make the best of it.

Two years ago, I posted about Love Your Body and in honor of the love that I have for MY body, I listed 5 things about myself that I liked, and my list included my hair, my lips, my complexion, my tummy and my scars.

My 2007 list includes:

1. My hair
2. My butt

3. My ever-changing smile
4. My feet
5. My profile

My sister teases me about the shape of my feet – she says that I have my mother’s feet – long and narrow and bony. Like my mother’s, they also get extremely cold at night, probably because I spend as much time as possible barefoot. And like my mother, I keep my toenails painted all the time. I love my feet because they’re just like my mother’s.

And, having not liked my profile for as long as I can remember, to be able to say that I love it is indescribable. It’s like finally receiving something that you had long ago given up on ever getting. It’s not something that people think often about, but most people accept their profiles because for the average person, it’s not something that they’d change, nor is it something that needs to be changed. I love the people in my life that tell me that my profile was fine and that I was beautiful the way that I was. It’s all part of loving the body that was given to you, but if you can do things to your body to make you a stronger, happier person, that your body deserves it.

What are the five things that you love about your body?

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4 Responses to Never Too Late To Love Your Body

  1. When was the boobie-thon? I was actually thinking about that this year also. I LOVE the b/w picture of your profile. Next time you come to Halifax I’d like to do a photo session with you. I’ll talk to the owner of OMG Photography and see if we can get you a complimentary session! LOL

  2. Fern Wimpley says:

    Ohhhh…the boobie-thon.Five things I love about my body?1. My hair2. My lips3. My hands/wrists4. My feet5. My shoulders/neck when I wear a halter top

  3. FINE. (I was left an MSN about not putting my list of 5 things) 🙂5 Things I love about my body:1.) My hair (most days)2.) My feet3.) My hands4.) My eyes5.) My cleavage.

  4. Jody says:

    Lovely post – Your feet DO look quite pretty! As is your new profile.k…1) My lips2) My legs3) My hair4) My feet 5) My breasts (but that’s a love/hate relationship)

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