How the Hell Do You Draw Saskatchewan?

We had friends over last night for dinner but during a pre-dinner Scrabble game, Laura and I got into my last bottle of Wolftrap and shortly after we finished dinner we were compelled to open a second bottle of wine. I was definitely feeling very confident and capable of drawing anything when we decided to pull out the Pictionary game and while I somehow managed to successfully draw Pearl Harbor, I somehow failed my team when it came to drawing Saskatchewan. I couldn’t even get them to acknowledge that we were talking Canadian geography because apparently, my drawing of North America looked like a boot, Florida was apparently in the ‘wrong spot’ and including the Maritimes on my map of Canada didn’t seem to help either. Oh yeah, and my map of the world? That, apparently, was a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE.

I still maintain that my drawing is easily recognizable as North America and I’m thinking that while the below culprit might have somewhat affected my ability to draw it successfully, I think my teammate’s ability to guess was more so affected. Perhaps if I had been drawing a country in South America, which is where our wine was from, she possibly might have been able to guess it, but I’m still thinking quite possibly not.

And yes, last night’s wine was my first since the night before my surgery and yes, this morning I suffered from my first post-op hangover. It had to happen eventually :).

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3 Responses to How the Hell Do You Draw Saskatchewan?

  1. Stephanie says:

    You could’ve drawn “catch” and “one” and see if they got it from that. Just a thought.You should try Rapidoh.

  2. Laura says:

    Even sober, your map of the world still looks like a chocolate chip cookie to me – in particular the big-as-your-face oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that you can get at Balwin Natural Foods.

  3. deb says:

    i see the cookie, and possibly a bong, i like your games 🙂

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