Post-Op Photos

Maybe not the photos that you were hoping for, unless I get brave at the end of this post and include the photo that I promised I wouldn’t have taken until I had healed.

I spend a lot of time in this part of the kitchen these days – my blender for making shakes, smoothies and pureeing whatever I feel will be edible. Bottled water, my syringes, salt for rinsing my mouth and my medication. The three bottles in the middle include a bottle of children’s Tylenol (almost empty – I’ve been on to regular Tylenol capsules which I can now swallow), my antibiotics, and the bottle of codeine which I still haven’t opened. The three bottles on the far left are empty antibiotic bottles – I consider them fallen soldiers in my 7-day battle with the evil, vile-tasting antibiotics. 3 bottles down, 2 and a half remaining. I will be victorious.

Nothing will fit in our fridge these days because it’s so crammed with my liquid diet – juices, waters, chocolate milk. The Fruitopia and Crispy Crunch flavored milk (there’s a Rolo one in there too) are Tay’s efforts at providing me with high-calorie options to help slow down/prevent my weight loss, which was pretty drastic at first (8.5 lbs in 4 days) but seems to have slowed down and while I’m not gaining, I’m not losing either. Unfortunately, I’m finding a lot of the stuff much too sweet these days but am enjoying the Fruitopia :). There’s also dal in one of the tupperware containers on the bottom shelf, made especially for me by Renu which will be my dinner tonight – even if it has to go in the blender first!

Magazines that were brought over by both Elisa and Jackie – I can’t remember the last time I’ve read a magazine – even when we’re at the airport about to fly somewhere I’m more likely to buy a book off the bestseller table then a magazine. Not sure why – magazines are guilty pleasures to me, I guess. Kind of like chocolate for breakfast, or being at home when you don’t really feel sick :). Looking forward to afternoons of lazy perusal though, and seeing what’s going on in celebrity land – gossip and style wise.

Flowers from Tay’s family – it’s the biggest and most beautiful bouquet I’ve ever received (too big to capture in the size photo I’ve been using for these photos) and was on the doorstep when we got home from the hospital. The colors of the bouquet are yellows and whites and reminds me of the big vase of flowers that you can get in the Sims game – I remember playing the Sims and how I’d have those vases all over my little Sim house. Now I have a real-life version.

These were my skinny-jeans as of a month ago – they’ve been my ‘must-fit-in’ pants for a couple of years now, and for a while didn’t fit at all. I wore them to the Keg the night before my surgery, and I remember them being a little loose but there’s no way they were this big. I’m sure I’ll gain back some of my weight after I start eating again, but if I don’t…I might need to get some new jeans – and from the looks of these (they’re 10s) I might need to try on 8s.

This is not a very nice photo – I apologize…but I wanted proof of the havoc that was wreaked on my arm during surgery – these are my bruises from my IV and from my anesthetic. I find it slightly ironic that I’ve had no bruising and no pain from my surgery, but almost a week later my arm is still sore and bruised (it was much worse then you can see in the photo). In fact, throughout all of this, the only pain that I’ve had has been from my arm. A lot of people would probably say this is normal and to be expected, but when I showed my arm to my friend who’s a nurse, she was a little taken back by the shape I was in.

And..yeah…what the hell :). Me, almost a week later, still swollen, still unable to smile. You can see the swollen puffiness along my right cheek very clearly, my left side doesn’t appear as swollen from the angle and you can see some of the definition. My lower lip is still swollen and numb, and so is my chin, but my lips line up and so does my bite, which is the important thing. I see my surgeon tomorrow morning for my followup and when Tay was booking the appointment, I asked him to ask them about the numbness in my lip and chin and if I should be concerned but when the receptionist asked the surgeon, we were told it’s nothing to worry about. So I’m trying not to worry and hoping that the occasional flurry of tingling that I feel in my lip and chin is a good sign. And yeah, I recognize how bad I look – even though I had a bath last night before our company came over, I haven’t washed my hair since Monday and I haven’t worn makeup since last Wednesday, but whatever…at least my tonenails are painted :).

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3 Responses to Post-Op Photos

  1. Jody says:

    You are absolutely beautiful in every way. Thank you for all the photos that let the rest of us into your life when we can’t be there to help/see you ourselves.

  2. Heather says:

    Hows the ass doing? Is everything alright in that department?

  3. I was thinking the same as Heather, “Is your ass OK?!” Seriously, great “documentary”, I would expect nothing less. Would like to see a picture of the bouquet in color though!

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