TLS and Pre-Surgery

I figure I should do a little preemptive maintenance here.

Dinner was nice last night, it was just 5 of us, K, D&J, Tawn and myself, but the girls got a nice little secluded circular booth at the Keg, so secluded that D,J and I walked right by them looking for our table and no one saw one another.

Anyhow the food was good and the service was good. Though Tawn seemed a little miffed that her Prime Rib was so tender she didn’t have to chew it. πŸ™‚ Though she didn’t have any trouble chewing her Mushrooms Neptune…and, of course, true to my jokes, Tawn weighed herself this morning and has managed to gain 2 pounds the past few days as she’s been cramming as much of her favorite foods as possible while she can. πŸ™‚

Lying in bed at home she said she was excited for today. I dunno who that helped have a better sleep, her or me.

This morning we got up at 6… very chilly in the house and Tawn proceeded to get ready. She seemed fine, said she was ‘good’. We got to he hospital on time, the drive was quiet, but they always are.

After a while Tawn was checked in and she went through the process of repeating herself to 5 people. The check-in nurse, the first nurse who wasn’t supposed to do the pre-op check on Tawny, the nurse who was, the anastegiologist and then the O.R. nurse. *shakes head*

During the pre-op check, they took Tawns pulse and if I read it right, it was a little high. I think getting into the gown kinda elevated the anxiety level a little.

We sat (everyone else had beds.. *shrug* this was probably better mentally for Tawn anyhow) in a couple chairs in a bed-slot in.. what I guess was the pre-op room. Even with a couple gowns on (one backwards, one forwards) Tawn was a little chilly, but a nurse got her a nice warmed flannel blanket and Tawn was happy again. Tawn picked up her book so I pulled out my DS and we tried to kill the next hour. Here and there one of those 5 would come by, none, other than the check-in nurse, with any sort of sense of humor. After being shown he consent form and confirming her signature and then looking for a verbal consent, Tawn cracked a joke saying that she’s good to go, but even if she wasn’t, her Credit Card has been charged so might as well get it done. Not even a twitch from this nurse. Yeesh. Anyhow the time did seem to go quick but really not quickly enough for Tawn as she was pretty anxious to get things underway.. and I mean really, what’s more nerve wracking than having to sit around and wait for the thing your unsettled about in the first thing?

Lets not even get into the fact the nurses were again rehashing what Tawns surgeon explained as incorrect information regarding the procedure (duration and likelyhood of requiring a breathing tube post-recovery). So I’m sure that was ticking Tawn off as it was a big concern of hers (as I think she blogged about) last week, and then her Doctor/Surgeon settles it down with some reality and here they are giving the “worst case scenario” bit again pre-surgery. Talk about buzz-kills.

Anyhow a little after 9 (she’s supposed to start at 9) the OR nurse came by, we kissed and hugged and said we’d see each other later.

So sit tight folks, I’ll try to post as soon as I have further information, but because of the discrepancy of duration of procedures between the surgeon and the nurses, it’s possible I won’t hear a peep until mid afternoon and can’t see her until after 5.

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4 Responses to TLS and Pre-Surgery

  1. Jody says:

    Thanks for outlining the hours leading up to her surgery Taylor! It means a lot (and was a very pleasant surprise:)

  2. Jody says:

    Thanks for outlining the hours leading up to her surgery Taylor! It means a lot (and was a very pleasant surprise:)

  3. Jody says:

    Thanks for outlining the hours leading up to her surgery Taylor! It means a lot (and was a very pleasant surprise:)

  4. Anna Lee says:

    Thanks for the update Tay.Sounds like those folks over at Trillium could us a little caffiene or some “happy” pills!

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