Finally…a Bed

Okay they finally assigned her a bed within the last hour. The nurse came on to talk to me, apparently she’s comfortable and she “came-to” a couple hours ago. She’s sore (d’uh) but she hasn’t asked for pain killers.. which sounds, obviously, very promising in terms of recovery and such. Sorry I didn’t ask if she’s wired or not.. if I had to guess I’d say not, everyone has been ‘best possible’ from what I’ve heard so far.

Anyhow I’m headed over there now to get the straight dope.

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3 Responses to Finally…a Bed

  1. Caius & Elisa says:

    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that things went well.

  2. Been checking back all day. Thanks so much for the updates. Will continue to check in.

  3. Anna Lee says:

    Great to hear all went well:)

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