The Last (Steak) Supper

I saw my surgeon this morning and found out that a lot of what the anesthesiologist told me Monday was inaccurate and that most of what she said was a worst case scenario. There’s still going to be a saw and still going to be a tube down my nose, but it’ll be taken out shortly after the surgery and it’s not likely that I’m going to be in ICU unless they have to wire my mouth completely shut which is hugely unlikely.

Me over here? This is the relieved me. Still freaked out but very much reassured. Though my surgeon has always had that affect on me, I’m never nervous about the surgery when I’m around her and I expect that I’ll see her Thursday morning before I go under which will be a very good thing.

One of the last things she told me before I left was to make sure I eat my favorite food before my surgery because I won’t be eating anything like steak for 2 months and I laughed and said that we’d already made plans to go for steak the night before my surgery.

I sent an email this afternoon inviting a few close friends out to the Keg Wednesday night and then one friend wrote back to say he’d let me know but then wondered what other people would choose for their ‘last’ meal. I wrote back and said that steak normally wouldn’t be my ‘last supper’…I’d probably go for something more exciting like indian food or thai. But when it comes to not being able to chew for 2 months, it’s got to be steak. Anyhow, his question made me wonder as well what people would pick as their last meal? Have you ever given it any thought?

Mine? I’ve eaten some pretty good food in Europe, New Orleans and Vegas but my last meal would come from Renu’s kitchens – all I’d need would be her momos with that damn good hot sauce she serves with it. But if the momos came with her dahl and her red beans and some rice and, oh, and maybe some butter chicken…well I wouldn’t turn those things down either :).

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7 Responses to The Last (Steak) Supper

  1. Home made spaghetti and sauce with meatballs. And Hoof Print ice cream for dessert.

  2. flud22 says:

    probably ribs from baton rouge and wings from duffs…guess i would have to do the “take-out” thing and eat it all at home. no need for fries or carrot sticks since it’s my last meal….more room for the half-baked ben & jerry’s i would like for dessert. with the ribs/wings i would enjoy a pitcher of rickards red and with the ice cream, coffee with bailey’s! hmmm….why wait for my last meal….maybe i’ll have that for dinner tonight!

  3. Anna Lee says:

    Hmmm, why does Fludd not surprise me? Anyway, I’d have to concur on the 1/2 baked ice cream for dessert. Appetizers, I’d have to go with deep fried vegetables, like mushrooms, califlour with a blue cheese dipping sauce, (from Auraua’s Resto in SSM. Main course, hmm, Auraua’s Pizza (my hometown pizza place), and Surf ‘n’ Turf, Steak very rare. I’d throw in some powdered donuts along with the ice cream for dessert and follow up with a nice glass of ice wine and a stoggie:)

  4. Heather says:

    Just got the net after being without it…or a home for a while. Looked at your blog and realized SHIT…I have a lot of reading to do. Miss you.

  5. Jody says:

    Last meal? Hmmm that would be tough. I guess I’d want the things I can’t readily get over here like proper good pepperoni pizza or May Garden? Then again Slouvaki would be great! But for desert? B&J’s chocochip cookie dough ice-cream and tiramisu. Enjoy your steak – I will be thinking of you on Thursday! XXXXOOOO

  6. Stephanie says:

    My last meal would be fried chicken, potatoes, biscuits & gravy, corn on the cob and chocolate cake w/ vanilla ice cream and strawberries.I’ve thought about it 😉

  7. Tawny says:

    I can’t believe I forgot dessert!Definitely a banana-nutella crepe and some of my mom’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. And (stealing AL’s idea) definitely a glass of ice wine, I’d be quite happy with the one from Riverview Cellar :).

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