The Never Ending Birthday

My Plan to Take Party Photos Was Brief At Best
At some point during the party last Sunday, I decided I should take some photos so I very deliberately set out to take photos of my guests in between drinking Fruli. I lasted about 5 minutes before more my slight intoxication distracted me and I put the camera down, where it was promptly forgotten. There were more people at the party, and Tay was on the premises when I was taking photos but I have to assume he was in the kitchen and missed his photo op.

Renu’s been asking to see the photos, so HER photo is below for everyone else to see – you can see the rest of them here.

From the Time She Walked Out of the Store to the Time She Decided to Give Them To Me, Tina DID own Flip Flops!
I received a package in the mail from Tina with a pair of Betty Boop flipflops. She’s claiming that she never technically owned them, as they were part of a sales promotion and she didn’t actually BUY them but I argue that for the briefest of moments she DID own them. They were HERS. She can argue all she wants, but sorry, Tina, you HAVE owned a pair of flip flops.

And thanks for the flip flops :).

Two is Always Better Than One
AL is finally back from her European honeymoon and while I quite loved condo sitting for her, I’m more happy to have my alternate running partner back. While it’s sometimes a challenge to balance my runs with two partners, it’s great for me because my runs with AL are very different then my runs with Tay – which helps to keep things varied. AL and I chatted briefly Sunday online and then I returned her call on Monday from work and it was so exciting to be chatting with her – we both talked non-stop, sometimes having our sentences overlap as we quickly jumped from one subject to the next. AL is taking me out for my birthday tomorrow night and she said it was my pick – I’ve decided to go with my current favorite, the Matahari Grill, which will be a new dining experience for AL, so I can’t wait!

And More Gifts Keep Arriving
Received a book from Dawn last week in the mall that I’m eagerly waiting to start reading, plus the flip flops came from Tina yesterday AND Jody indicated that she had something on the way as well! I love it when my birthday keeps going and going and going :).

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2 Responses to The Never Ending Birthday

  1. I may have TECHNICALLY owned them, I did not BUY them, so that’s the difference. And I’m glad you liked them.

  2. Anna Lee says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the condo experience. Glad to be back and looking forward to chatting more this evening and getting in a few runs before the 5K in October.

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