Somewhere, Someone Is Thinking Good Things About You

Today I went for lunch with two of my colleaguey friends to the Matahari Grill, which has very quickly become one of the favorite places for lunch. Food that is a combination of Malay, Chinese, Peranakan and Indian, with a decor that is simple and very calming – the booth style seating the runs the length of the restaurant is kelly green seude, the walls are painted white with white letters spelling out gentle reminders to the soul, including the one from my title.

It has been a week of indulgences to the soul – Anna Lee and Steve left on their honeymoon Sunday after a beautiful wedding Saturday, and they agreed to let me condo-sit at Chez Fluschetto for most of the two weeks while they were away. I took posession Tuesday evening, and Wednesday night I sat on their balcony in dusk, drinking a beer and sampling olives and cheese while staring out at the twinkling lights of the CN tower off in the distance. Tay joined me last night after I met up with him at the Ryerson (TIFF has officially started) and after seeing A Cry in The Dark I dropped him off at the Elgin with his friends to rush the midnight screening of Borat. I came home, had a long, hot shower and painted my toenails (OPI – Java-Mauva) and now, with my hair freshly washed and wearing Lulu shorts and a tank, I’m curled up in AL’s den listening to Etta James and eating Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Low Fat Frozen Yogurt. Life is sweet sometimes :).

Running Backwards In Time
Wednesday morning I woke early at AL’s and hit the pavement for a run through High Park – as I completed the loop and headed back down Bloor, I decided to keep going after the 30 minutes I had originally planned and detoured down Dundas on my way back to the condo – as much as I love running with a partner, I’d almost forgotten how therapeutic it is to run alone, especially in the early morning when the only sound is your feet on the pavement and the distant sound of early morning commuters. As I approached the bend where Dundas forks with Roncesvalles, I began noticing all these signs saying that shops would remain opening during setup and filming – and then I noticed the familiar Hairspray text below. Just as it sunk in, I rounded the bend and it was like a had run through a timewarp and had entered a different era. Immaculate cars from the 60’s lined the streets in cotton candy pastel colors. I kept running as I continued to gape at the set that was surrounding me and was most excited as I passed a gas station with a 60’s bright shiny red Imperial gas truck parked in the lot. Wednesday night when I stopped at the Loblaws, I discovered the movie’s base camp off to the side of the parking lot and on my way home, a old fashioned Baltimore streetcar clanged past me. There are still times when I believe that I’m living in the wrong era, I so should have been born in the 40’s so I could have enjoyed the 60’s (The Beatles AND Jimi Hendrix? C’mon!) and yet for a few moments Wednesday morning, I WAS living in that era until I rounded another corner and ended back up in present day Toronto :).

TIFF and I are Both Turning 31
We’ve got 5 movies tomorrow (Volver, Penelope, The US vs John Lennon, Love and Other Disasters, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane), starting at 9:30am and ending at probably 2am and then I put my foot down and told Tay no movies on my birthday – I encouraged him to attend a morning screening if he could find one that interested him but that I’d personally prefer to hit the 9:30 Body Pump class at the gym, followed by crepes with Laura on Queen Street. Laura’s then coming back to Mississauga with us where sometime between the hours of 3 and 8pm, an assortment of friends will be joining us for probably the last barbeque of the season. I’ve already got my Fruli chilling in the fridge, Tay’s got his instructions to buy me a sugary sweet grocery store cake and Renu’s promised to come armed with momos while Laura’s going to hang out in the kitchen and make her caesar salad that I love and hamburgers from scratch. The night might run late with either poker or karaoke being set up (I’ve already made plans to ‘work’ from home Monday), but I’m so looking forward to hanging out with good friends for a leisurely afternoon on the patio drinking beer and listening to music. There’s some people that aren’t going to be able to make it this year that are sorely going to be missed, but hopefully they’ll know that somewhere, someone is thinking good things about them :).

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3 Responses to Somewhere, Someone Is Thinking Good Things About You

  1. Jody says:

    This post was so lovely to read, in every way. It seems as if you are content and happy. I wish I could be there with you for your birthday, it sounds great this year! Love you!

  2. Fern Wimpley says:

    I wish I could be there!

  3. Anna Lee says:

    I am so pleased to know we were able to bring a little zen into your life. Sounds like you had a wonderfully indulgent experience. Yipppee:)

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