Poll (A Definition)

Pronunciation: ‘pOl
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English pol, polle, from Middle Low German

5 a : a questioning or canvassing of persons selected at random or by quota to obtain information or opinions to be analyzed b : a record of the information so obtained

I’m rather disappointed in how my previous post turned out when I posted the question about parents and how often people communicate with them. I simply wanted people to share their own experiences, and while I accepted that I might receive some comments on my own experiences, I really, really didn’t want to start any kind of comment war. It always seems to happen on this blog – we’ll go months and hardly anyone will comment and then one particular post sparks this great debate and everything goes crazy.

I will admit that when I first read Tay’s comment, I bristled slightly and then I made myself reread it (a little bit more slowly) and I understood what he was saying. It took me a moment, but it made sense. And then, following the comments in response to his, him and I had a very long discussion about it and the comments and why people might have said what they said. I appreciated how, following our conversation, the next morning he took the time to clarify himself and to express what he really meant. Like Tina commented, it was well said, but unfortunately, I don’t think people were willing to see beyond his original comment.

Anyhow, I accept that this is public space and unless I remove the ability to remove comments from my blog, people will continue to comment (which is a good thing, I love getting comments) but I’d like to ask that people only comment on the post at hand and refrain from directing their comments at other people. It’s a blog, not a message forum, and I don’t need people coming to my defense. I can do that myself and will do so, but I won’t do it in front of all of you, I’ll do it in private which is how it should be.

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One Response to Poll (A Definition)

  1. Tawny says:

    Anna Lee (http://insanertime@blogspot.com) @ 07/07/2006 11:24: I concur with you Barratt. While I appreciate your efforts to gather information on my behalf from folks in your world, I truly am sorry to have been the cause of a somewhat intense public brawl/battle of sorts. Although it is intersting-from a sociological view-to read people’s reactions to the topic of family relations. One can often learn a lot which otherwise would not be known.Taylor () @ 07/07/2006 15:12: Anna Lee: I use situations like this for that exactly reason. Sociological experience. I do my best these years not to discredit peoples opinions and welcome them. I call it tolerance. But I do not tolerate hate. It’s difficult to be a 3rd party on this blog when the author is someone in know better than anyone else. Most of the time we’ll have chatted about the subject she eventually posts about but sometimes she’s still very stuck in her headspace about a topic. So I rehash my comments/opinions in hopes for backup. I’ve considered my own blog and did start it, but I told no one about it. I think Tawn may have mentioned it here before. The reason I kept it secret is I had to know I was doing it for the right reasons. When I discovered it sat stale, it seemed obvious I would only keep it up for attention… and for me, that was the wrong reason. Maybe that’s what it looks like I do in the comments section of Tawns blog… and if that’s the case, perhaps that’s not fair, but she does blog about her life… our life, and it’s difficult to abstain from having a voice on some matters that are rather close to me.Anna Lee (http://insanertime@blogspot.com) @ 07/07/2006 18:26: Fair enough Taylor. I understand the intollerance of hate, but do you really feel that was where comments were rooted? While I do think folks went a stray, I don’t believe any comments were written as “hate”. It is great to see your support of Tawny, in sharing your thoughts. I can imagine it would be terribly frustrating to sit idle, not commenting on elements of the life which you both share.

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