Felicia Kicks Ass

We recently decided, after 7+ years of not having any media in the living room, to put a flatscreen monitor in the corner and hook it up to the Xbox. The main purpose for doing so was to have a room that I could do yoga in, and for Tay to join me because he’s mentioned trying yoga a couple of times now. But having the Xbox hooked up meant we could do more than do yoga – we could watch movies, listen to music and of course, play video games. A few days ago Tay took all of his Super Nintendo games and put them on the XBox – last night we suffered through some pretty brutal versions of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, to which I kept chanting WHEEL-OF-FORTUUUUUNE (leftover from the spinning slot machines that kept repeating it in the casinos in Vegas last weekend) but mostly we played a lot of Super Puzzle Fighter 2 until it’s become my new addiction. Tay agreed to play with me tonight – we played for about 30 minutes or so and it was serious battle – at one point we were tied 2-2 and in the best of 5, it came down to a tie until Tay managed to take me down. I was quite distraught by the defeat and not having had my fill, I continued to play on my own while Tay went off to watch the F1 race. It’s now 2am and I’ve just (finally, and after hitting continue numerous times) defeated all the opponents (on the ‘normal’ skill level). My favorite Puzzle Fighter character is Felicia because she kicks ass – I even said last night that if ever have a daughter I might just name her Felicia so that she too will kick ass.


(Yes, I agree I probably need a life, but do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been able to lie on the couch and just play video games? If we can somehow get the Sims running on that machine, then I’ll definitely be in trouble ;).

I’ve been talking to Jody the past few weeks about her and Andy’s upcoming trip to Halifax with the boys in August and with both my parents asking me when I’d been visiting next, I’ve been seriously debating a long weekend home to see my family and spend more time getting to know Alex and Connor. I kept telling both Jody and my Mom that if I found a seat sale then I would come, but if I couldn’t get a ticket for less than $300 then I probably wasn’t going to be able to swing it.

When I’ve checked all the airlines the past few weeks, airfares been average around $400 and so I’d mostly resigned myself to not going. Then late this afternoon I decided to take a peek at Canjet and found they were having a birthday sale and fare for the long weekend in August was coming up at $264.04. Sold :). I made a call to Jody to confirm that they didn’t have plans for that weeken (I am once again going to miss the fun at Mercy River – they get back the day after we arrive) and then Tay called his family to see if they’d be around and after a quick call to my mother, I booked my ticket, followed by Tay booking his.

And just when I thought I might be done travelling for the year :).

I’m really looking forward to spending time with my family, especially my brother (I’ve seen Jody, Stace and Dawn lots this year) and I can’t wait to get in at least one day at the beach and at least a trip up to the lake near my parents place. I’ll get to see Tina and Colby and little baby Joey (if they’re going to be around) and a night downtown might be needed as well :). Donairs and Chinese food. Suntanning on my mom’s deck. Even Polar and the silly Daisy will be a treat :).

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