Treading Water
Things have been a little crazy at work lately, due in part to some restructuring that occurred right before we went to Europe – I came back to a bit of a crisis and as a result, a lot of work is being redirected to me. I’m averaging two twelve hour days a week, plus three regular work days, and every days seems longer and more exhausting then the next. When I got home from work one night last week at 10:30 I felt unable to think, much less talk and I sat at the kitchen counter and ate leftover thai food and stared mostly blankly at Tay as we tried to have a conversation. Of course both twelve hour days fell on Tuesday and Thursday, and of course those mornings are when I like to go to Body Pump so I was up at 6 to be downtown for 7:30 – leaving the house at 6:30 and not coming home until 10:30 sucks pretty bad.

But despite the crazy hours and the workload (or maybe because of) I’ve been throwing myself into workingout, and have been spending a lot of time trying to figure out what days to do cardio, what days to do BP and where to fit yoga in the mix. I’m hoping that getting back into a constant, steady workout routine is going to give me the energy that I’m desperately needing while at work lately. Yes, I feel like I’m treading water at work, but in a crazy (and somewhat exhausting) way, my workouts has become a life preserver of sorts. Plus it’s a bonus that when I’m in BodyPump or when I’m out running, I don’t think about work at all – I’m a million miles away and definitely not thinking about the growing pile of work on my desk that shouldn’t be on my desk.

I’ve revived my exercise blog (Wiggle Your Big Toe) so most of my ramblings about Body Pump and other workout classes will be contained over there mostly. Of course, if anything desperately fascinating happens in one of my classes or while I’m out for a run, I’ll be sure to post it here, but if you want to know what’s happening with me in regards to exercise, you now know where to go. I mean, does everyone care that I managed to workout 6 days out of 7 last week and that today I did my first Body Flow class, which included pilates. Pilates! How come I’ve never tried pilates before?

Anyhow. Exercise blog over there. Other random, trivial, absurd ramblings here.

Another Friendly Plug
I’m not the only one going hardcore with the exercise lately – Caius is training for a 660km bike ride to Montreal in the summer and he’s got a couple of triathalons lined up this year as well. We saw him last week and couldn’t believe the weight he’s lost and how great of shape he’s getting into. He’s keeping a training blog which is tracking his progress, you can check it out here.

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