I Hate Rebecca and Instructor J Too
Maybe hate is too strong of a word. Well, maybe I don’t hate Rebecca, but maybe I do hate Instructor J. Maybe what I really hate is the step class that Rebecca dragged me to at lunch hour, which was taught by the above mentioned Instructor J. J, who convinced us yesterday to try the class because it was “so much fun, and really not that hard, and seriously, you will love it!” Grrr.

All that jumping and clapping and shouting and moving side to side and up and over.

I did sweat, I sweated hard, so much so that it got in my eyes and stung. Both and Rebecca and I were pretty red at the end and Rebecca kept apologizing everytime I glared at her everytime I was forced to hurtle myself over the step in her direction. She conceded at the end that maybe it wasn’t a good idea.

The jury is out on that, but maybe I will feel differently next Friday :).

It wasn’t that I couldn’t do it physically – it was hardcore for sure, but it’s not like I was out of breath or anything but it was crazy just how fast it was. The choreography was pretty complex so a lot of the times I was just stepped and vaguely waving my arms around. We were at the front of the room so I’m sure the rest of the class either thought the two of use were idiots or were vastly annoyed because we were throwing off their own choreography. But..I don’t know. I kind of understand what others have said about exercise classes. They’re a little bizarre/cheesy but…maybe I’ll go back.

The good thing about going to the class is that Laura has been bugging me for a while to try spinning with her. I keep putting her off because I know how crazy-intense spinning is and I’ve questioned if I had the strength or endurance for a spinning class – but after doing the step class I realized that I have a lot more in me than I thought, so maybe I could TRY spinning. At the same time, knowing how much endurance/strength I have might also push me to run harder – longer and faster. I’ve been trying to get back into my running – on Wednesday I went out for my first outdoor run in a LONG time – didn’t push myself, only did 20 minutes (non-stop – 3km) but it felt good.

I was speaking with a coworker the other day that is a personal trainer and has been doing this for a long time – his recommendation to me was to try and get in 4 hours of cardio a week, so that’s an hour 4 times a week, not including BP which I do 3 times a week. If I don’t double up on cardio and BP, that’s 7 days a week but according to my colleague, the body is made to move and do physical exercise everyday, constantly.

I’m obsessed now, trying to figure out how to get in all this cardio but I know it can be done – there’s 168 hours in a week, how hard can it be to find 4 hours for cardio?

(And what about yoga?)

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