I’ve never been very comfortable in front of the camera, mostly because of how self-conscious I am about my overbite and how it affects my smile. My selfconsciousness has definitely grown in the past 8 months since my braces went on, and even more so in the past two months with the temporary gap in my teeth. I can’t help but envy the outgoing, carefree attitude that both my sisters demonstrate in front of the camera, whereas I will alway pose with hesitation, carefully positioning myself to try and get the best angle – and it’s because of this that I hate photos being taken of me when I’m not aware or not prepared.

Heather mentioned to me earlier this week that she had a couple ofphotos that were taken of me from her birthday party last month and because I had no recollection of having my photo taken, I was a little apprehensive about how they must look. Heather, however, insisted that they were beautiful and that she loved them, so I told her to send them to me – the one I like better is below, the other one is at over at Flickr.

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