Days 13-16
Once I finish my outline of the trip, I plan on blogging more specifically about at least two of the incidents that stood out – the restaurant in Rome is one, but so is the glamour photo shoot Tay graciously photographed for me and my sisters in England as well. Intrigued yet?

Wednesday (May 10)
Day: Carcassonne and Rennes le Chateau (France)
Night: Paris

The Cité
Church of Mary Magdalene
Magdala Tower

This is where mine and Tay’s geekery comes into play – Rennes le Chateau is of course where much of the third Gabriel Knight game takes place – we’ve also been to Germany/Bavaria now, which is where game two is set, as well as the French Quarter in New Orleans which is where game one takes place. Yes, we’re geeks, we’ve never claimed otherwise.

Note the similiar dark framed glasses complimented of course by my braces. That self-proclaimed geek couple on the Amazing Race this season had nothing on us – we go to Europe and what do we do? We visit computer game locations!

One of the other things that Tay and I have managed to enjoy while on vacation are various concerts – we’ve seen Macy Gray and Pink Martini in New Orleans, and last year we saw Jamiroquai while in Vegas. We rushed back to Paris Wednesday night to see Cirkus, and even though we missed the first two trains from Montpellier, and due to our late arrival had to stand at the back and missed quite possibly half the concert, we still made it for the portion of the concert that we had wanted to see at the very least. As Tay said while checking the time repeatedly while waiting for the subway, “Half a concert is better than no concert.” And in this case, it was.

Thursday (May 11)
Day: Paris
Night: Grimbsy via London

Champs Elysees
Arc de Triomphe
Opéra Garnier
George Pompideau Centre

I think the best part about the Champs Elysees was how we walked up one side looking for this chocolatier shop that we had seen on television but that we couldn’t find, and then half way down the other side, while Tay was headed for the Toyota store, I was busy looking around and parked right in front of me was a truck for LaDuree, the place we were seeking. Of course we went up to the truck to see if the logo on the side listed it’s address or at the very least, had a driver sitting in it that could give us directions but no address and no driver. But less than a 100 feet away? LaDuree.

Friday (May 12)
Day/Night: Jody’s Home!


Lincoln Castle and Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral was used as the setting for Westminster Abbey in the DaVinci Code, so it was neat to see and Lincoln Castle is where the famous photo shoot occurred, but as much fun as it was, it wasn’t the hilight of the day – the real hilight was finally getting the chance to meet Andy’s two sons, Alex and Connor. They were as perfect in real life as Jody had described them!

Saturday (May 13)
Day: London
Night: Toronto!

British Museum

Out of the 16 days we travelled, I only really suffered two of those days because of my backpack – the first time was day 13 when we walked out to the Cité in Carcassonne (which is a city built inside a castle, really neat). There was no place to store our bags and with not very much sleep the night before, I hated my backpack with a hatred I didn’t know could exist. The second time I hated the pack was on our very last day (Day 16) when we were in London and the bloody Underground station wanted 6 pounds per item to check our luggage. We did pay the 1 pound each at the British Museum while we roamed around, but by the end of that day 16, my 30lb pack felt like 90lbs easy. However, on our first day, we did the Tower of London carrying our packs, a feat much admired by my sister, who has done the tower without a backpack. But that was day one of course – we didn’t know yet what was ahead of us.

Footwear Comment:
Sketchers? GREAT for travelling. The only trouble I had with my feet was the day I wore my sandals in Italy because I was wearing a dress and I hadn’t had the opportunity to work them in before the trip. Feet were very sore by the end of the day, but the next day I slipped my insoles into my Sketchers (for extra cushioning, and I should say, the only time I used them was that one day) and I was fine from then on out. My poor Sketchers are filthy and worn, but they’ve now been to 7 countries with me (8 counting Canadian soil) and as much as Stacy might covet them, I can’t see me ever parting with them :).

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