Days 9-12
We’re back home, having landed a couple of hours ago and it’s 1:30 in the morning here but it would be 6:30 in the morning in England, so to say that my clock is a little screwed up is an understatement. I decided that if I blogged a little bit before I went to bed, it might help tire me out. So quick blog probably and then sleep for me.

(I guess I should have known that I wouldn’t maintain my blogging schedule from the road :).


Saturday (May 6)
Day: Herrenchiemsee (Another Ludwig castle on lake Chiemsee, Germany)
Night: Salzburg, Austria

We went to Salzburg for a quick couple of hours, walked the river and the city. It was a great night for long exposure shots, and I got a couple of shots while laying on the pavement – once in the middle of the street, with Tay telling me to roll to the side when a car would come. (I think I was photographing Mozart’s place of birth)

Sunday & Monday (May 7&8)
Day: Venice
Night/Following Day: Roma

Great Canal
Piazza San Marco
Fontana di Trevi
Roman Forum
Vatican City (St. Peter’s Bascilica, Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel)
The Pantheon
Spanish Steps

I didn’t like Italy as much as I thought I would – we saw all the usual sites which were impressive – the history of Rome especially kind of awed me, especially the Coliseum and the Roman Forum (I think that’s the thing that I never really understand before was how young North America is in comparison to the rest of the world – the architecture of the European cities took my breath away) but I found both cities to be really dirty, and noisy and the people not very friendly. The maze-like atmosphere of both cities didn’t help the anxiety I get when I’m in a crowd, and so I felt slightly claustrophobic at peak times, but fortunately we arrived in Venice very early in the morning and we got to experience Rome late at night when there were less travellers.

Probably the only thing that saved Rome for me was the little Italian restaurant that Tay and I stumbled across, and which we liked so much we ended up eating there both nights we were in Italy. It was a family run restaurant and our server was a very short older Italian man named Luciano who had a grayish-white beard and would sing and whistle as he bustled through the restaurant. Luciano deserves a blog post of his own, including the photos that I took, so watch for that.

Tuesday (May 9)
Day&Night: Nice and Monaco

The Mediterranean Sea/French Riviera (As seen from a scooter)
The Exotic Garden
The Monte Carlo Casino

We rented a two person scooter and rode the highway from Nice up through to Monaco. I’d never been on a bike before, and Tay’s experience was limited, but he eventually figured it out and I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced anything as exhilerating or scary or as breathtaking as that ride along the coastline. We had lunch at a little cafe overlooking the palace in Monaco and the sea, and walked through the exotic garden, including the underground observatory caves.

(Of course, photos to come of EVERYTHING when I get a chance, apparently I took about 2000 pics with the digital camera :).

More to come.

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