Days 6, 7 & 8
Today we are in Munich, having left Amsterdam late on…? And here´s where I get confused because the days are all running into one another. Late Wednesday? Our trip from Amsterdam was an overnighter, the berths were small and I figured that if Tay and I finished off the coffee we had bought the night before, that I would be asleep in no time. And while it helped somewhat, (I fell asleep sitting in the seating car) as soon as I climbed into my bunk, I couldn´t fall asleep. If anything I felt extremely claustrophobic in the small space but I raised the blind on the window, so I could look out at the night sky, plugged in Charlotte and listened to Portishead while Netherlands countryside passed us by.

(Wait until the poker crew see my Amsterdam coffee socks ;).

It was very weird to go to bed in one country and wake up in another, but I´m having a hard time getting used to hearing the German language – it sounds like everyone is yelling at you, even when they´re saying something as nice as “Hello!”. I´ve given up trying to speak the language, I just stare mutely at Tay and wait for him to come to the rescue. Though this morning I did manage to order two chocolate muffins.


Van Gogh Museum
Vondell Park
The Flower Market
BMW Factory Tour**
Ludwig´s Castle, Neuschwanstein
The English Garden

*We did all our sightseeing in Amsterdam on bikes that we rented – it was great fun, especially Vondel park.
** Tay´s idea (of course) but actually kind of neat.
*** I shared my first German beer in Neuschwanstein with Tay, eating a Bratwurst but ordered my own litre stein at the Hofbrahaus. I could get used to the taste of beer!

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