SO Not Your Richard Simmons Type Aerobics Class
So last night as I was putting together my lunch and snacks for today, I mentioned to Tay that I had scored a couple of free passes to Body Pump should he ever be interested in taking the class. He responded by asking why he would ever want to bother taking Body Pump and then implied that it was an aerobics class set to bad music where we bounce around and lift light weights.

I went to Body Pump this morning, and while we were setting up our weights, I offered to the instructor and the other members (one was a guy) my husband’s description of Body Pump and they kind of just looked at me as if to say, bring him to us and we will make him our sacrifice and the Body Pump gods will look down upon us benevolently and reward us with taut glutes and elbow sweat.

In case anybody is wondering if Body Pump is “an aerobics class set to bad music where we bounce around and lift light weights,” let me assure you that it’s not. First it’s not an aerobics class, it’s an exercise class (in fact, I don’t think anyone really uses the word aerobics anymore, I think Richard Simmons singlehandedly removed that word from any fitness person’s vocabulary when he started sweating with the oldies) and secondly, the music isn’t all bad, it’s not your typcial 80’s pop music – last week we were listening to Gwen Stefani..though I did have to raise my eyebrow last Thursday when I thought I heard the instructor dedicate a song to me and it turned out to be the Backstreet Boys (Rock Your Body? Does that sound right?). We also don’t bounce in class, in fact we all stay in exactly the same spot and our feet never leave the ground – for squats, lunges and anything else we do upright our feet are firmly planted on the floor and then for the rest we’re flat on our back on our steps doing various presses. As for the weights being light, they probably do sound fairly light but when you target a specific muscle group for the duration of a three+ minute song, they don’t feel so light by the end of it. In fact, by the time we finish they feel like they’re 10 times the weight they actually are. (The actual Body Pump class description is here if you’re so inclined.)

I ended up increasing my weights this morning, partly because there’s a new release coming out on Saturday (which means new moves so I wanted at least two classes with heavier weights) and partly because the more I can lift the better prepared I’ll be for Europe. When I got out of class I recorded my new weight loads on the sheet that I’ve been using to track my progress, and was pretty pleased by how far I’ve come, which is as follows:

(From October 27th to April 18th, which is six months)
Squats: 5kg – 14kg*
Chest: 4kg – 7kg
Back and Hamstring**: 5kg – 12kg
Triceps: 2kg – 7kg
Biceps: 4kg – 7kg
Lunges: 0 weight (just lunges, no weight) – 14kg
Shoulders: 2kg – 5kg

I’m definitely working my lower body much harder than my upper body, which is probably why I’m getting more noticeable results through my lower body (plus I also run, which is helping to stretch out my leg muscles) so I’m soon going to start focusing more on triceps, biceps and shoulders. I’m sure I could be doing more weights through my chest, but we always do pushups during our chest track which KILLS me, so I usually try and press a lower weight in an effort to preserve my energy for pushups (though it doesn’t really help, it still kills).

Anyhow, I know, I know, enough blogging about Body Pump and I PROMISE that’s the last post for a while.

But I still have two free passes in case anyone wants to come try it with me ;).

*14kg is 30.8 lbs, TYVM!
**This includes the clean and press, which is my favorite!


Jods () @ 04/18/2006 15:30:
I used to LOVE body pump class and went to it on a regular basis although I wasn’t as into it as you as I also loved my mond/wed. step class… I miss Nubodys!!! My LTT with arm bands are working well though! Keep up the good work.

T.O. Kid () @ 04/18/2006 15:40:
How are you not forcing your husband to go… make him prove it’s as bad as he thinks.

Heather () @ 04/18/2006 22:15:
I’ll pump with you…just name the date!

Stace ( @ 04/18/2006 23:40:
*gasp*return of the mysterious T.O. Kid…

Renu () @ 04/19/2006 09:32:
I would love to join you…..

T.O. Kid () @ 04/19/2006 14:00:
You should talk your hubby into putting on some leg warmers, a sparkly tank top and short shorts and join in… and please take your digital camera to the class.

Taylor ( @ 04/19/2006 16:28:
Bitch bitch bitch…

I believe I clarified myself moments from that statement. I equate all workout done in a group formed in rows, to music with a follow the leader cirriculum as Aerobics. Why? Because probably for the first 20 years of my life, I didn’t know there was any other ‘variation’. So it all looked like aerobics to me.Those basic elements are why I don’t want to participate. BTW, as usual, Tawn’s exaggerating. I never said “light weights”. Though those ARE light weights. But I assume it’s also massive reps so it’s understood. I already have a bad music cardio routine, it’s called DDR and I can do it by myself. The only thing that can piss me off is the mat. Lucky for me, I only have to go to the kitchen to participate.

Heather () @ 04/19/2006 20:01:
I bet Tawny could kick your ass after all those BP classes. Perhaps you are the light weight…….

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