Why Own A Type R If You’re Not Going To Drive It Fast?

When the police officer asked to see my registration and insurance, I think it helped when I asked if I would find those things in the glove box, because I’d never been asked to show them before. He gave me this funny look and then asked if this was the first time I’d been stopped. I confirmed that it was and then gave him the most innocent smile I could muster. He laughed at me and said that was good news. It must have been because when he came back to give me my ticket, it said that I was doing 80 in a 60 zone, which was considerably less than what I was actually doing.

When I told Tay about the ticket, he told me good job. I’m assuming that’s because I got the ticket reduced and not that I got caught speeding :). He was in a car filled with his racing friends however, which was probably the best time for me to mention the ticket, because their laughter as they overheard the conversation was a good thing. As we were hanging up, Tay told me to never go 94 in a 60 zone again, to which one of his friend’s immediately chirped, “Yeah, go 110 instead!”

In my defense, I was on Lakeshore, which is 3, sometimes 4 lanes, and I really didn’t consider that the speed limit could be only 60. Obviously I knew that it wasn’t 90, but I would have believed 80, or 70 at the very least, plus I didn’t realize that I was going as fast as I was. AND (for the record) Tay admitted to getting a ticket down there, so there you go.

And, for those that might be wondering why I was speeding at 10am on a Saturday morning, well…dare I admit that I was late for Body Pump? :).

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