So I haven’t blogged much about Idol this season, which is interesting, because I’ve been really liking the contestants (well..not liking all of them, but liking some of them a whole lot) and it’s getting to the point where I can’t wait for Tuesdays to watch Idol and see what’s going to get sung. I think that this is definitely the best season of Idol so far, and if the voting goes the way that it should, the last few episodes when they get down to the final four should be VERY interesting to watch.

My list of contestants, in order of worst to best, is below, plus reasons why I feel the way I do :).

Bucky Covington: I hate his country hick hairstyle and the way he talks when he’s not singing. I don’t know HOW he sings the way he does considering the way he talks but whatever, it doesn’t matter much because he’s just so unforgettable. And when he tries to come off as an unknowing, unsuspecting (somewhat ignorant) southern (ala Kellie Pickler) it just demonstrates how stupid he really is. Honestly, he needs to go. (And don’t get me started on the name of his brother. What is it? Buddy? Plucky?)

Kevin Covais: I will admit to liking Kevin at first because I thought that he was really cute, and I did (and still do) enjoy his singing, but he doesn’t have the experience or the stamina for a contest like this, not when there are such superior singers to him, and that have much more dominant personalities. I was hoping when they got to the final 12 and they started using stylists to help them with their hair and wardrobe that they’d do a makeover on him, but nothing much happened in that regard. I’m sure he made it much farther in the competition than anyone had anticipated, and good for him for doing that.

Lisa Tucker: I LOVED her when I saw her in her auditions but each week, I’m growing more and more disinterested because of how safe she’s playing it. I’m not surprised that she likes to sing Whitney, nor am I surprised by a) how she dresses each week and b) the stuff that she’s chosing to sing. She’s become much too predictable for me, and terribly boring. I’d be more than happy to see her go this week. Well..Bucky first, and then she can go next week :).

Melissa McGhee: I really liked Melissa even though I knew nothing about her – she was like the underdog that no one really gave credit too until the show started and she made the top 12 and then she started to get camera time and it became apparent how cool she was. I really liked her voice, and the fact that she picked songs that suited her. She shouldn’t have gone first :(.

Ace Young: Eh. Okay, he’s pretty hot, and he’s nice to look at, and his sultry, pouty camera look isn’t quite so creepy in a stalkerish-Constantine kind of way, but he’s not the best singer by far, and I think that’s going to become more and more apparent in the next few weeks. I do like his beanies though. There’s something oddly sexy about a man in a beanie :).

Elliott Yamin: Ok..I LIKE Elliott, but I’m not the hugest fan because while I think he can sing, and he sings well, he’s not memorable to me. He’s solid, yes, but just not exciting. I’m not quite sure who his fan base is either.

Paris Bennett: I LOVED her during her auditions but with each passing week, I’m having big issues with the fact that she’s like a miniature version of what her grandmother must be like. She can sing, but to claim that she has her own style and then come out dressed like a 50+ woman is just bizarre to me. I don’t resent her being on the show, and won’t resent on success or further progress she makes, but the way she dresses IRKS me.

Kellie Pickler: She’s very cute, and she (unlike Bucky) can get away with saying really stupid things like calamari and how spidery her fake eyelashes are. It’s endearing in a funny, sweet way (and possibly manipulative?). And she can sing when she knows what songs to sing – loved her singing Patsy Cline last week, that was perfect for her.

Taylor Hicks: I like his personality much more than his singing, but I do think he’s a very good singer. The best thing that he has going for him is that he knows how to entertain people – hopefully, it’s not something that people grow tired of. At least not until he makes it to the top four :).

Mandisa: Okay…she was my second choice but I changed my mind at the last second. She’s probably the best female singer in the competition, she’s got the right attitude and she’s different. She’d be my number one female choice if I had a crush on her ;).

Katharine McPhee: It definitely helps that she can sing flawlessly, and has been trained professionally by her mother (the voice coach). And it helps that she makes it look effortless. But it helps even more that she’s absolutely stunning, but not perfect and that like other girls, she can be self-conscious of the size of her butt. I’m seriously crushing on her, more and more each week and I hope she’s the last gal standing on that stage :).

(Crush! Eeek! ;).

Chris Daughtry: I think Simon summed it up last week when he said that Chris was the first contestant they’ve had on the show that has never compromised himself. And it definitely helped that the song he choice last week was Walk the Line (which they played for like 30 seconds on the radio the next morning). He’s a very smart artist, who knows who he is and I think, considering that the previous two AI’s were won by females, that he’ll win this.


Tina ( @ 03/28/2006 06:44:
I must admit. I was soo turned off by this show in the very beginning when Simon made the comment about needing a “bigger stage” tnat I haven’t watched it since. And don’t plan to.

Heather () @ 03/28/2006 06:51:
I’m not an avid watcher but I LOVE the “hickster”

Tawny ( @ 03/28/2006 09:56:
Tina – They actually addressed that comment that Simon made – in fact, Mandisa (the girl the comment was directed at) called him on it during the LA audition process because she had seen the shows and saw what he said. Anyway, after she said what she had to say, Simon apologized and humbled himself. There was a hug and ever since, they get teased for having something going on between them :). And actually, after she sang last week, Simon told her that she was blossoming – and that her performance was sexy.I get that his comments can be cruel and insensitive and sometimes he might go a little bit too far, but then people like Mandisa come along and put him in his place :).

Eden ( @ 03/28/2006 11:14:
Tawny has a girl-crush! Tawny has a girl-crush!I have a girl-crush on Mandisa. She & I could do each other’s hair and go out for chai.

Jods () @ 03/29/2006 03:40:
I ‘m so pleased you did this post! First let me say that Melissa looks so much like Dawn its not funny. 2ndly, I agree with most of your order but I’d prob. have put Kev last, and too true about Lisa, but of course I like Bucky but he’d still be bottom five. Ace in Beanie is adorable, but you are bang on about the top two. CHRIS he is the WHOLE pkg.

T.O. Kid () @ 03/29/2006 08:14:
I agree with the top two… they’re both hot, both can sing, and both could pull off a career in music rivaling Kelly Clarkson… which I never thought could be done. Taylor Hicks is a great singer but has horrible camera presence… to me that overshadows his talent. Kelly’s dumbness is annoying… she’s just a little girl. And I think Paris’ over-confidence is annoying. Plus get a new dance move already. But all in all the 03/28 performances were a let down. You’d think that this group would excel in music they hear everyday. If last night was my first time watching, I definitely would not continue to watch… these people need to BRING IT.

Taylor ( @ 03/29/2006 08:27:
Look Simon is right about 90% of the time. And when it comes to Mandisa, while insensitive, she’s entirely too big, it makes it difficult to market someone like that and at the end of the day, the winner is his. It’s funny (sad actually) how diluted most of the auditions are. I understand it’s not fair, but it’s a television show looking for a pop superstar. I think Mandisa may have made a really bad choice last night and could possibly be at risk of going sooner than later. She is a great singer, no doubt, but that’s not the be all end all when you have the public voting for you Chris is a natural in his genre and would be very deserving of the win. But… It’s rock and he sang Creed (which I think could have hurt him) last night. He needs to do more of what he did with Walk the Line, and he needs to do a ballad or two. He does run the risk of being boring (repetitive). As does Taylor. Paris has an amazing voice, but her personality is confusing and probably polarizes voters. Like Simon pointed out last night, because of how she’s portrayed herself in the prior weeks, this week she looked like a kid acting like Beyonce.. I thought she did a great job, but if you’re concious she’s 17… though most of the voters are likely kids so it may be far less of an issue then if they were mostly adults. I think Tawn’s a little hard on Bucky…Sure he’s a hick, and his speaking voice is rather brutal but he’s a better singer than Ace, I think. But all he does is country or everything he sings sounds like country, and I hate country. So he, Pickler and anyone else that does Country can just disappear right now. I can’t believe Mandisa was dumb enough to do a Gospel song.. WTF was she thinking? Might steal her Paris’ black female vote though. Now, Katherine is definately my kind of girl… though so was Kelly Clarkson. Katherine does make it look effortless, but I dunno how much passion there is when she’s singing. Not sure it should matter considering the context…End of the day though, I would only consider buying the following contestents records (provided..): Chris (not fluffy), Taylor (more contemporary), Elliot, Paris (non-Fantasia-Attitude-esqe). I think McPhee would release something I’d find boring. Mandisa’s would be too exhausting to listen to and I know it’d be Carrie Underwood all over again (Jesus behind the wheel).

Tawny ( @ 03/29/2006 14:28:
I wish I knew who TO Kid was :). Are you just a random passerby? 🙂

T.O. Kid () @ 03/29/2006 14:33:
I pass by yes… and slow down enough to read.

Tawny ( @ 03/29/2006 15:12:
LOL why do I think you must be someone I know but that I can’t put two and two together..and that you’re playing with me? 🙂

T.O. Kid () @ 03/30/2006 07:27:
Isn’t not knowing half the fun??? Was worried about Idol on the boot show last night… but I think the actual bootee was the right choice… but a hick or two needs to be next… or PARIS… she is annoying.

Jods () @ 03/30/2006 09:31:
I don’t know if I like the fact that I can find out who is being voted off or not before the show airs over here on Friday night. The last two weeks I have cheated and checked and have been very relieved. I don’t like the feeling of being ‘worried’ during the result show.

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