Strong Enough
So I decided to go to a Body Pump (BP) class on Sunday morning at one of the Women Only (WO) clubs (Goodlife has opened a number of these clubs in various Loblaws) and I went even though I’d been ‘advised’ about WO Body Pump classes by my favorite instructor who used to teach at one of these clubs. I definitely notice a difference when I go to a WO club for a run compared to my downtown club that I normally go to – the WO clubs are geared towards SAHMs it seems – they’re in a grocery store, they have a daycare, it’s women only ;). And this is a good thing, a GREAT thing (and I know that I’ll love these clubs some day when I’m on mat leave), but I don’t much like working out at them because the energy is vastly different then my club downtown which is mostly frequented by 30something corporate types, who run in on peak times for their workouts (before work, during lunch, or after work). Of course, when I was talking to the GM at my club about the difference between the two clubs, he gave me a wink and told me I just like the eye candy. (I’m sure I blushed – he’s quite good looking AND I took my first Body Pump class with him). ANYHOW…my BP instructor warned me that classes at the WO clubs are pretty frustrating because for some reason, the women won’t challenge themselves with their weights and they’ll lift the same light weight for like 3 years and be satisfied that it’s enough. As a comparison – I’ve been going to BP since mid-November, and in almost 4 months and I’ve doubled all my weights). With my increasing addiction to Body Pump, I’ve finding that twice a week isn’t enough so I decided on Sunday to try one of the WO BP classes because I was desperate :). So I went and tried not to be a snob when I saw the steps and the various weights set up throughout the room. (Not as light as I had expected, but still lighter then what I can lift, TYVM :).

But then.

This girl set up her step in front of me (and I say girl, because she wasn’t very old, maybe late 20’s, early 30’s – am I wrong to still think of myself as a girl?) and then I saw her bringing over her weights and she had these monster plates that I’d NEVER seen anyone use before – they were 10kg each! And then she brought over MORE weights and I was looking at her going, yeah, ok, she’s going to mix up her weights. And during the warmup track, she was lifting a reasonable amount of weight but then when it came time to do the squat track, she put 18.5kg on EACH end of her bar. That’s 39kg, which is the equivalent to 86 LBS! And then she’s squatting with all of that on her shoulders! I was in awe of her and ever since Sunday, I’ve been telling anyone who’s familiar with BP about her weightload and they’re all like that’s crazy!!

I don’t doubt that she’s crazy and that she was lifting more weight then she should have (so said the GM that I was chatting with last night (who said the same thing about the WO BP classes that my instructor had) but what do you think happened when I went into BP class this morning? I went straight to B and told her I wanted to increase my weights for the squat/lunge track. Partly because when I was talking to the GM last night and asking him for some tips for endurance exercises to help prepare me for lugging a backpack around Europe for two weeks the first thing he suggested was upping my weights during the squat track but we all know that it was really because of that crazy squat girl on Sunday :). Well partly because of her. I’m not THAT competitive :).

Anyway, normally I do 9kg during the squats and lunges (yes, I know, it’s not 39kgs, but whatever) and today, I upped my weights to 12kg, which is about 25lbs, and fairly respectable, in my opionion. It was hard going, especially when we were doing the lower squats/lunges where we wouldn’t come all the way up but I made it and it felt good afterwards. I am SO going to be ready to lug around my 20lb+ backpack in Europe, just wait and see!!

(I’ve told Tay that I envision our trip being like the Amazing Race – we’ll be running out of train stations with our packs on, racing to our next destination where we’ll have to guzzle beer or ride a bicycle or other crazy stuff. Maybe a week or so before we leave I’ll make us strap on our back packs and run up and down the stairs 100 times :).

Oh Yeah – Best Value in TO for $3.75?
For whatever reason, no one showed up for yoga today and so it was just me. I had a 45 minute private class with the instructor, during which she told me to tell her what I wanted to do. I asked her if we could do some core strengthening exercises (another tip from the GM, to help support the back and the weight of the backpack) and then, because I had worked pretty hard in BP, I asked her for some really good stretches. The class was exactly what I needed (even though we did what felt like 100 crunches of varying kinds) and afterwards, during the relaxation time, I totally fell asleep. Now tell me, what else can you get for $3.75 that tops that?

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