Never One To Be Left Out
When I heard just after Christmas that Dawn and Stacy were going to be in England visiting Jody and Andy this May, I mentioned to Tay that it was too bad that our sometimes talks about a trip to Europe wasn’t happening this year, instead of sometime in the next few years like we had talked about. Going to Europe when Stacy and Dawn were going to be there would have been the perfect opportunity but after mentioning it, I didn’t think about it much afterwards – we have a busy year ahead of us – we had talked about going to Vegas for Tay’s birthday in June, plus my surgery should be at the end of the summer, then TIFF, as usual. So instead I filed away the thought, and tried not to be too envious of the thought of Dawn and Stacy hanging out with Jody, and tried not to think how much I would love to be there too.

A few weeks ago, while I was making dinner one night, Tay brought up the idea of Europe, and asked if we were to go, which countries I would want to visit. I hadn’t really given it much thought before, but as I started rambling off the places that I’d like to visit, we realized that we both wanted to see a lot of the same places. Within the next few days, Tay started to do some research, pricing out the cost of things and trying to figure out a budget and if we could do a trip like that financially. When asked, I told him how much I think we should be willing to spend and he agreed with me – and when the numbers came in just a little higher than what we had agreed to, well…it suddenly became very tempting.

And well…we’ve booked a trip to Europe.

We arrive just before Dawn and Stacy get there, and we get to spend a few days with the two of them plus Jody and Andy in London and then Paris. After we split up in Paris, Tay and I will be using our Europass and visiting Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Nice, Munich, Bovaria and Monaco. If time allows, we’ll also take the train to Salzburg but we’re not sure yet. I’ve always wanted to backpack through Europe with a train pass and this trip is turning that dream into a reality. We’re (Well Tay, he’s the trip planner in all this; think Vegas wedding itinerary) already doing research on backpacks, and what sort of things to pack. When I tell people about our plans and that I’ll be living out of one bag for two weeks, they laugh because they know what kind of traveller I tend to be – I almost always have a small suitcase for just toiletries – makeup, skincare, haircare, styling tools. They tell me that I can’t bring my haircare, and Tay tried telling me the other day that he read that one of the best things to bring is Johnson baby wash – that you can use it to wash your hair, face, body and even your clothes. I looked at him with barely contained disdain and informed him that I would not be washing either my face or my hair with Johnson Body Wash. I’m up for roughing it, I can wear the same clothes over and over again, I can wash my underwear in a bathroom sink that I may or may not be sharing with other travellers, and I can wear a ball cap and no makeup most of the time, but a girl’s got to draw the line somewhere. I don’t spend exorbitant amounts of money on shampoo and moisturizer only to spend two weeks washing with a bottle of stuff that can be bought for $2.99 at the local grocery store. Not going to happen :).

Update: Apparently I’m mistaken, it’s Johnson BABY Wash, not Body Wash. (Thanks to Sal for pointing out my mistake :). Whatever it is, I’m still not using it on my hair or my face :P.

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