If You Find a 4mm DPN in the GTA, Chances Are It’s Mine
A couple of weeks ago, I went to the casino with Kat and brought my knitting with me – I was working on a pair of socks and while we were waiting for a seat at the poker table, I pulled my knitting out only to discover that one of my double pointed needles was missing. I began the process of emptying my bag in search of the elusive needle but it was nowhere to be found. For the rest of the afternoon I dwelled on the missing needle, even while playing at the table. I could lose a big hand, costing me $30 and then I’d look at Kat, and say that I couldn’t believe that I had lost my needle (which in all reality, was worth about $1 – a package of 4 is just under $4).

I was knitting on the subway this morning and as we were nearing my stop, I began to pack up my knitting but my unoccupied needle slipped and fell. It made a clanging noise as it fell, which I couldn’t hear because of my earplugs but I saw the woman sitting next to me look my way. I pulled off my earplugs as I looked for my needle, and she offered to help me. The needle had slipped down between the side of the seat and the wall of the subway car and after breaking a finger nail, I still couldn’t get it out. I sighed and told the woman it was stuck; a man that was watching the drama unfold offered me his pocket knife to see if that would help. I went at the needle with the pocket knife even though we were at my stop and as the doors dinged and slid shut, I had to admit defeat. I folded up the knife and returned it to the man, and thanked them both for their help. Then I got off at the next stop and cursed myself for losing another needle. That’s two needles to date, if I lose another two, then there’ll be a complete set of DPNs floating around the GTA :).

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