Tagged Not Once but Twice
Both Anna Lee and Miles (via Heather) have tagged me with the following meme. Getting tagged by two different people for the same meme never happens to me, so I guess I better get on it :).

4 Job’s I’ve Had: Drycleaning clerk, hair salon manager, clothing salesperson (Probably the job I hated the most – it lasted two weeks – until the hair salon stole me away! :), database manager. Not very cool jobs – I debated including “Redken Hair Model” because I did model for them once at a hair show and got paid in hair product but figured it was stretching it :).

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over: Fight Club, The Breakfast Club, Kill Bill, Walk the Line ;).

4 Places I Have Lived: Halifax, St. John’s, New Westminister (outside Vancouver), Missy

4 Albums I Can’t Hear Too Often: 1967-1970 – The Blue Album (The Beatles), Hang On Little Tomato (Pink Martini), Little Earthquakes (Tori Amos), Dummy (Portishead).

4 Places I Have Vacationed: Las Vegas, California, New Orleans, Acapulco

4 TV Shows I Love: Huff, Sopranos, Project Runway, Six Feet Under (:( )

4 Of My Favorite Foods: Butter Chicken, Green Curry, Guacamole, Kit Kat

4 Websites I Visit Daily: My blog list, yahoo.com (news and email), Daily Dose of Imagery, Toronto Star

4 Places I’d Rather Be Right Now: Body Pump class, at a poker table, at a spa, in bed :).

4 People I am tagging: Stacy, Jody, Dawn, Tina

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