Working Through The Pain
I’m slowly recovering from the abuse I inflicted on my body Thursday at Blue Mountain, and the swelling has gone down considerably in my knees – even my monster bruise is fading a bit :). The only part of me that still seriously hurts is my left ribs – if I lean or bend a certain way, I still feel a sharp pain and when I feel the skin there I can feel how tender the area is. I would have to assume that my ribs definitely took a bruising from that one particular fall where I hit the ground hard.

Even if I WANTED to (which I didn’t), there was no way I could have exercised on the weekend but last night I packed my gym bag (my usual Sunday night routine) and brought my bag to work with me. Despite my better judgement, I decided to go to the noon hour Body Pump class, with the promise that I would take it easy and lighten my weights.

For the most part the class was good – I kept less than 12 lbs on my bar the entire time which worked out well – during squats, lunges and the clean and press I was doing less than I normally do which helped and then during the arm work outs I was doing close to what I normally do which was fine because my arms were able to handle it.

But when it came time to do our shoulders and had to get down and do pushups, I wanted to cry. I managed one push up before I decided that it would be a BAD idea – my ribs and my knees (which is how I’m still doing my pushups) weren’t going to let me do what I would normally do.

Then of course were abs which I managed to do some of, but crunches were just too much so I had to switch and do reverse crunches. They still hurt but not so much. When it finally came time to do the cool down, I was ecstatic :).

The good news is – I have yoga tomorrow which should be okay, and then I’m not due for a run until Wednesday. I’m anticipating that I’ll be fine by then, but if I’m not…well I’ll still probably run.

Stupid snowboarding – who’s brilliant idea was it in the first place?? 🙂

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