Knees the Size of Grapefruits
When I was home at Christmas, Stacy asked me if I would be willing to go snowboarding with her. Since I wasn’t home for very long, it was easy enough to say no, but with her coming up this week, and Tay desperately wanting to get in some skiing before it got to late, the subject of snowboarding came up again. And, not being able to say no to her, I agreed to try snowboarding, rather than going the safe route of skiing, which I can kind of almost do.

To be fair, I believe I was the one that suggested snowboarding, not Stacy. But I did know how badly she wanted to try it so despite my reservations, Stacy and I somehow ended up strapped to a snowboard at 10am yesterday morning.

We had a 90 minute group lesson before our instructor left us on our own, with the assurance that we weren’t “lost causes”. During the class he’d take us each down the hill (err..slope) holding our hands to keep us from falling and instilling in us false confidences. I talked a lot with him during my trips down the hill, and even after learning that he believed snowboarding to be the most physically demanding sport, I optimistically asked at the end of the class which hills our beginner pass would give us access too. I didn’t know then that Stacy and I wouldn’t make it off the training slope, and when we did, we’d be hobbling off.

I quickly lost track of the times that I wiped out on my board, but I do have to boast that my wipeouts were nothing short of spectacular :). So much so that strangers were coming over to ask me if I was okay; I especially drew a lot of attention from a couple of little girls who were very concerned about both me and my sunglasses that kept flying off my head. After one particularily bad fall where I kind of somersaulted and belly flopped into packed snow, I could hear Stacy shouting my name from the top of the hill while I tried to get the snow out of my mouth. By the end of the day it hurt to sit because of the falls to my tailbone, I couldn’t bend forward because it felt like I bruised a rib or two, my wrists were sore from both falling on them and trying to push myself up with them and my knees were so swollen they were the size of graperfruits. I’m sporting a rather nasty bruise on my right knee which in some morbid kind of way, I’m rather proud of.

Stacy took her share of falls too – more to her tailbone then to her knees. For some reason, I stupidly thought that it was better to fall on my knees then on my butt because it was easier to get up if you fell forward. She was the smarter one though, because in falling on her butt the whole day, it meant that she could at least bend her legs without wincing from the agony of bruised knees.

By the end of the day, we were both able to make it down the hill without falling, even though we edged it the whole time down. Tay did imply that we were cheating, but he was also the one that commented earlier that day that snowboarding probably wasn’t as hard as we thought that it was. Easy enough for him to say while him and Geo were on skiis, without having eaten snow and no bruises on his knees :).

Stacy, I’m happy to say, thoroughly enjoyed her snowboarding experience and is already talking about going again. I can’t say I’m dying to go again (the fact that my battered knees will keep me from running for a couple of days is agonizing – and I had better be okay for Body Pump on Monday!) but I’m not totally against the idea. If I do go though, I’ll be wearing knees pads and wrist guards and I’m thinking a couple of hours in a private class might not be a bad idea.

You can find more photos from our snowboarding/skiing trip here .

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