Ah, The Things I Will Do For My Sister
So I’m going to Body Pump on my lunch hour and on my way into the club, I run into the guy who signed me up for my membership. After greeting me by name, he commented on my hair and how good it looked. I kind of laughed because I wore it curly today and I always think it’s a mess, but then he told me no, my hair looks good all the time, but especially today because when it’s curly like this it’s so cute. I thanked him for the compliment, and then, because I’d been meaning to bring it up to him, and figuring now was the perfect opportunity ( 🙂 ) I told him that I wanted to talk to him about getting a guest pass for my sister. He pondered my request for a brief second and then asked me if she was seriously considering joining the club (which is what they give guess passes for) or was she just looking for a free week to work out with me.

I pondered his request for the briefest second and then smiled before telling him that there was definitely a risk that she wouldn’t be joining his club (I didn’t bother to tell him that she’s coming to visit and lives in Nova Scotia and already has a gym membership that she gets for free) but, I added, I could always go to (insert competitor club here) where I knew that I could get 2 one week passes for free. And then I smiled again, and told him that I really would rather not do that since I like my own club so much.

He looked at me with this look that acknowledged just how cunning and manipulative I was being, but with a look that also told me that I was so getting away with it because he then asked me my sister’s name. I told him and then began to tell him what dates she’d be here. He made a dismissive, almost defeated wave of his hand and told me that he’d just leave the dates blank and I could fill it out myself. Since I’m such an honest person, Stacy will just get herself a free week rather than the six months I could so easily write in for her.

And to think I’d been trying to figure out what would be the best angle and all I had to do was tousle my hair a bit and smile a lot. Ah, the sacrifices I make for my little sis :).

(Unfortunately, what Stacy knows but doesn’t quite understand is the pain she’s going to be in when I drag her to Body Pump next week and her elbows are sweating and she can’t sit down or walk properly afterwards. She’s going to hate me I’m sure, but I’ll just remind her that those drips of water running off her elbows and hitting the floor, that’s ELBOW SWEAT.)

Sidenote: I upped my weights in Body Pump today, in all areas, the most impressive of which means that when were doing our squats and the routine lasts a 3 minute song, I’m doing it was 20lbs of weight resting on my shoulders :).

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