There are Worse Ways to Spend a Weekend Than in Lulu Lemon and Jeans
So I went yesterday to get the heart monitor hooked up (again) and the technician looked at me when I walked into the room as though she knew me but didn’t know where from. She looked at her chart then back at me, and started to laugh, as she told me that I was the first person in her five years on the job that had to come back to be redone for the heart monitor. Apparently, the only way that the monitor could have been shut off was if I reset it myself manually – there are two buttons on the display that need to be held down at the same time for 5 seconds and somehow, by accident, I managed to do it. She seemed very impressed that I had been able to start the monitor again though, and getting it to record for 24 hours – unfortunately, I missed a couple of steps which meant the results they got weren’t usefull. Oh well, I never claimed to be a heart monitor technician :).

So I have to wear this thing for 48 hours, and only 16 hours remain. The technician recommended that if possible, I try not to wear a bra with the monitor as the underwire is a problem so as soon as I got home last night, I threw on one of my Lulu tanks with a built in bra, and I’ve never been so comfortable. I’ve also got the belt for the heart monitor weaved through the belt loops of my jeans (jeans that I bought just before Christmas that fit well and have now become loose). Wearing a heart monitor isn’t very sexy, but at least I can do it with relative style :). Other than some slight discomfort from not being able to shower today, and the itchiness of the tape adhesive, I can think of worse ways to spend the weekend. It sucks to not be able to exercise but I’m digging the excuse to sit on the couch, watch the Olympics, and knit socks :).

Update: Less than 10 minutes of wearing this stupid thing and it can’t finish a minute too soon. You’d think that I’d be anxious to shower, but I’m more interested in getting out to run!! 🙂

Smoldering His Way To The Top of My Friends Five
Sal, being the kind soul that she is, posted this photo (from Vanity Fair) to her blog yesterday:

I’ve been watching Joaquin for a few years now, and have been intrigued by both him and his performances in movies like 8mm, Gladiator, and Signs. Have always been drawn to his dark brooding looks, but really only fell hard when I saw him a few weeks ago in Walk The Line. Since then, I’ve become only slightly obsessed with him. When I saw the above Vanity Fair photo, it sealed the deal. Joaquin’s officially number one on my Friends Five list, which is still under construction. But for the moment, he could even have positions one THROUGH five, that would be perfectly okay with me :).

Ps. Thanks to Sal for being so gracious as to share Joaquin with me, she’s a very GENEROUS person :).

Pps. I’d be curious to know what my heart monitor registered when I saw the above photo??

Pps. Sal is SO KIND that if you visit her blog to see the photo, you can click on it and see a bigger version of it. And tell me you don’t say to yourself, “oh dear god”.

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