Maybe I Should Just Wear Jeans Everyday
I had to attend a social services announcement from on of the provincial ministers yesterday so I decided to wear my new suit that I got at the Tommy boxing day sale ($290 suit, marked down to $138). There are a lot of days where I’m in jeans and a sweater, so yesterday my suit attracted a lot of attention – I received compliments and more than a couple of suspicious questions as to why I was so dressed up. Last night I had dinner with some co-worker friends and they were convinced that I had gone to an interview today despite my insisting that I hadn’t.

My performance review is happening this afternoon and I have a late(ish) meeting this evening, so I’m wearing a skirt and a sweater. I walked into the admin office to check my mailbox and first thing out of people’s mouths were that I looked really nice, and then, as if realization (or perhaps paranoia) struck, did I have a job interview?

We’ve had a lot of turnover at work lately, and I know there’s some concern by a lot of the staff that others are going to be leaving. I’ve been asked a few times if I’m looking or planning on leaving, and despite my assurances that I’m not, people are still not convinced, even though I’m legitimately dressed, with legitimate reasons.

But if it’s making people paranoid, I think I’ll just need to make the ultimate sacrifice and were my jeans tomorrow :).

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