Ortho Update – 4 Months
I had my second braces tightening yesterday – and I didn’t need the technician to tell me that things are moving along because it’s very clear to me that progress is being made. My lower teeth, which used to overlap each other, no longer overlap but are now even.

My dentist was asking me at my last appointment if my ortho was planning on closing the gap in my upper teeth (a dental disaster from grade 12 – I had a horrible tooth ache the day before my calculus exam and when I went to the dentist he said the tooth was in bad shape – we did a root canal to try and save it, my parents paid the $400 or so, and then a couple of days later the tooth split down the middle and had to be removed. I don’t think they got their $400 back, either. It’s never bothered me because it’s at the very back of my mouth, right side, but my dentist told me it needs to be taken care of because if they leave the gap, my newly straightened teeth will start to move in that direction and try and fill in the space, leaving gaps in the rest of my teeth. So it’s either the ortho move my teeth now so that everything lines up properly, or I have to get a fake one, which would cost thousands.) My ortho said he’ll be closing the gap as part of the process – this will make my dentist very happy.

I also asked the technician about the small gap that has been forming between my two front teeth – I wanted to know if this was going to be fixed. She gave me a really odd look and said, of course we’ll fix it, we’re making your teeth better not worse. I gave her an equally odd look in return that I hope implied, I understand that, but why did you create a gap in the first place when there wasn’t one to start with?

She replaced my elastics which is always a lovely thing, because they gradually discolor after a few weeks and look yucky. New elastics make everything look nice and clean. There’s new wire in my lower braces and she said that it was going to be uncomfortable. She was right about that, last night I felt like someone had punched me repeatedly in my lower jaw and then kicked me a couple of times for good measure. Pain was still there this morning, but Advil, I have learned, is my friend.

My ortho reported that he had had a long conversation with my oral surgeon and they’ve agreed that I’m going to need to have one of my lower teeth removed. I have too many teeth apparently, and it’s causing too much crowding, which is preventing my teeth from straightening the way that they should be. I guess that explains why they overlapped and kind of angle up instead of going straight. So they’ll remove the tooth, and then use the braces to close up the gap. My next appointment is with my ortho in six weeks, when he’ll remove the lower wire which will allow the extraction to happen. I’m really not looking forward to it and I’m not sure which tooth is coming out, I guess it’s really irrelevant because it has to be done. I’m pretty sure it’ll be one of the back ones.

Four to five months after the tooth comes out I’ll be ready for surgery, which is July-August. My ortho told me to start giving some thought to when I want it done. I’m anxious to have it done sooner than later, but I’m not sure when it’ll be. I have to prioritize some things and figure out when will be the best time to take 2-3 weeks off work.

That’s it, I think :).

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