Apparently,My Heart Beats Too Much, My Organs Are Very Photogenic And I Have Very Healthy Lungs
When I went to sleep clinic back in November and later received my results, I was diagnosed with Premature Ventricular Complexes. The doctor gave me a very detailed explanation and drew diagrams but the gist of it was that occasionally, my heart will give an extra beat*.

My doctor, who is a friend of Tay’s through racing, assured me that this is very rarely a cause for concern but that I should get it checked out just as a precaution. He gave me a referral to a cardiologist, who I went to see last month and the cardiologist reaffirmed what I had already been told – that it wasn’t anything serious and nothing to be concerned about, but worth checking out. The first thing I was requested to do was wear a heart monitor for two days that would record my heart rate and see if I experienced any PVCs, and the second was an ultrasound of my heart. Bloodwork was also required, so they could check my thyroid and other levels that could be a factor.

I got hooked up to the heart monitor a couple of weekends ago on a Friday morning and was told to keep it on until it turned itself off at noon on Sunday. Sometime on Friday evening the monitor shut off. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, and not being able to get any kind of tech support since it was the weekend, I fiddled with it a little bit until it began counting down again. I wore the thing for another 24 hours and then it turned off, and I removed all the electrodes taped to my chest and stomach and hoped that whatever I had done had been sufficient and it had gotten a clear reading.

I found out this week that the results from my weekend weren’t sufficient enough as I had reset the monitor in pressing buttons. So I’m scheduled to be hooked up again next Friday, which is the only day they offer appointments. I pointed out to the receptionist that it was slightly inconvenient that they only do these appointments on Fridays, because if the thing was to turn itself off on, say, a Friday night, you couldn’t get tech support. I was snarky with her yes, but I am not looking forward to another weekend of being hooked up to wires, not being able to exercise or shower, and by the end of the second day, having the adhesive from the electrodes starting to itch in a way I can’t describe.

So that’s next Friday.

This morning, after my 2 month ortho checkup (more on that later) I went to get my bloodwork done and after having FOUR large vials of blood drawn from my vein, I went back down the hall to the cardiologist for my ultrasound. The last ultrasound I had was 6 years ago preceding a biopsy on my left breast so I knew what to expect for the most part. The big difference was that the technician that worked with me today was a female and very kind, as opposed to the insenstive tactless male that had performed my previous one. We talked a lot during the ultrasound and she seemed rather excited at how clear the images she was getting were – she informed me that I’m very photogenic and that it was obvious that I wasn’t a smoker as my lungs were very clear and very healthy. The weirdest part was when she kept pointing out the different sounds my heart was making as blood was being passed to and from my heart in different areas. The sound was a bizarre, a gushing thumping sound that was incredibly loud in the small room.

The cardiologist will receive my blood work in a few days, and, I expect, the results of my ultrasound. Next weekend is part 2 of the heart monitor and then I have a followup appointment with him on the 22nd of February. I’m pretty sure that after all this I’m going to be told that everything’s ok, and I could gripe about how much sick/comp time I had to use from work to go to all these appointments but for some reason, hearing that gushing thumping sound that all but SHOUTED at me to let me know how alive I am makes it worth it :).

You can read more about PVC here.

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