Entering the Double Digits
This afternoon Stacy and I booked a airticket for her to come up next month – I have a week+ of unused vacation time leftover from last year and when I threw the idea to Stacy about me using that week during her reading week at school and her coming up for a visit, she was all over it.

This will be her 10th trip to Toronto :).

When I mentioned the idea to Tay, he suggested that February wasn’t maybe the best time for her to visit – there’s not much to do during the winter and it’ll most likely be COLD. But I was like, are you kidding me? There’s TONS to do – movies (both at home and the theatre – since there’s an Empire over at the mall now and Stace will have her staff pass) and board games, and teaching Stacy to knit, and karaoke revolution. Going to the gym (yoga AND Body Pump), and going to our favorite restaurants and Stacy’s favorite stores (yes, a trip to Eaton Centre to visit H&M and Sephora is on the agenda). Already I’m planning a party for the first night Stacy arrives – she’s already listing off the different foods she’s craving, and I’m spreading the word to our poker friends.

I’m chatting with Stacy online and already her screen name has the number of sleeps attached to it.

For the record, it’s 32 and I SO CAN’T WAIT.

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