January CAN’T Get Any Better Than This (At Least in TO)

The sun is shining, sunglasses are required, gloves, hats, scarves are not. The last thing I wanted to do on my lunch hour was go to Body Pump – I probably should have thrown on my running clothes and hit the pavement, running amongst all the other happy people enjoying the springy, sunshiny weather on their lunch hour but i’m trying to get into my routine so I did my best to enjoy the weather on the 3 minute walk to and from the gym.

My office window is opened and I keep gazing longingly out of the window and wishing that I could sneak out of work early -unfortunately, I was late getting to work this morning and can’t leave till six, but the promise of future days like this is enought to keep me happy.

9 degrees in January and a blissful blue sky. I am rejuvenated :).

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