This is the Thing About Being Married to a Techy-Geek
Last year when we received some money from Tay’s family for Christmas, we used some of the money to purchase a Roomba, therefore eliminating the need to drag out the Hoover to vacuum the floors. In case you’ve forgotten, this is Roomba:

Roomba has been a huge timesaver over the past year and since I desperately hated vacuuming, I am so grateful for our little floor vacuum. Roomba particularily comes in handy following a poker night, where she scoots around the dining room picking up bits of pretzels and chip crumbs. I only wish I had a second Roomba for the second floor of our home, but THAT would be greedy.

This year we again received some money from Tay’s family for Christmas and we continued our tradition of purchasing something for the two of us that would make our lives easier. This year’s purchase was the General Electric Contact Grill, seen below:

(Ours is black).

Now, we do have a George Foreman grill, a sizable one that was a Christmas gift from Tay a couple of years ago and I quite love my grill and used it often – hamburgers and a salad is a speedy quick meal, especially on a weeknight when I’m tired or grumpy or tired AND grumpy – 5 minutes and dinner would be done. What I didn’t love about my grill was the cleanup – even though the box said it was easy to clean, the box LIED as boxes are often prone to do. I’m sorry, but Mr. George Foreman grill used to be a nuisance to clean because for some reason, when my food is done, I’d rather eat my meal while it’s hot rather than clean the grill straight away. So the grill would cool off and then, for whatever reason, the hamburger gunk that would stick to the grill would not want to come off. I’d have to reheat the grill, let it cool slightly, and then scrub at it. I discolored so many dishclothes in the process and one time, when I was REALLY short on patience, I sprayed the whole thing with Easy-Off (not a really good idea, but it got the gunk off FAST and then I only had to wipe down the grill multiple times since we cooked food on that surface and Easy Off isn’t really edible). Sometimes (ok, most times!) it got to where I’d cook dinner on the grill and then shove it off to a corner of the counter without cleaning it. Then I’d want to use it a few days later and there it’d be, all gunked up.

So. Having observed all this, Tay suggested that we look for a grill that had REMOVABLE PLATES. Removable plates that were DISHWASHER SAFE. Can you believe that such a thing actually EXISTS? And would you believe that the General Electric Contact Grill is one of those grills that has that feature?

I would believe it but only because with our new grill, I personally slipped off the plates, slid them into my dishwasher and then voila – had clean grill plates to slip back onto the grill.

See – This is the thing about being married to a techy-geek – he understands the use of household items that will make your life easier – ie. Roomba and the Contact Grill, both of which were his ideas, and both of which actually DO make life easier.

To be fair, I don’t love my Roomba and Grilly-McGrill nearly as much as my husband, even though one would wonder. But should you need further proof – I received the below t-shirt for Christmas:

(Please don’t be jealous of my geek).

Ps. The sun was shining today, the gym was calling – I participated in a Body Pump class for the first time in like 3 weeks, and, for the record, MY ELBOWS DRIPPED SWEAT.

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