Christmas Times Two

Christmas #1
There were so many really good things about this Christmas and I’m so glad I went for so many reasons.

Favorite moments included the night out with Jody, Stacy, and Dawn. Loved sitting in Niche drinking martinis and eating calamari, and dancing with my sisters at Pogue’s. Hearing poor Stacy puking in the backseat of Jojo’s car while I drove the darkened highways was funny in it’s own bizarre way.

Having a late lunch with Tina and seeing her baby belly was touching, and then leisurely wandering the mall with Stacy afterwards while we grabbed last minute gifts was grounding.

An hour and a half massage at my mother’s work did wonders to help me decompress and my mother’s beef stew helped to ease the nasty cold I had picked up just before coming home. I don’t normally sleep while I’m in Halifax but I worked it out finally with the aid of the sleeping pills my doctor prescribed me and crawling into bed with Stacy for the last three nights. Waking up early Christmas morning with her and sneaking into the living room to see if Santa had come was probably the sweetest, most real moment of my trip home.

Wrapping presents late Friday night with Mom, Jody and Stacy was exactly the way gift wrapping should be with Diana Krall crooning Christmas carols in the background and Jody using my Costco extravagant ribbon to make fancy bows and then hot gluing them to her fingers with the glue gun while shrieking at us to “Get it off!!”

My husband spent 12 hours travelling on Christmas Eve so he could spend the holidays with his family. Picking him up at the airport only to drop him at his family’s house for the night was bittersweet but getting a text message from him at 7am Christmas morning to say he was on his way was a gift in itself, as was spending Christmas night with him and his family. I love them for not hesitating when I asked to bring Stacy along with me and I love them for treating her like part of my extended family.

And I don’t think ANYTHING was more funny than my brother’s girlfriend opening up a t-shirt from my mother Christmas morning that said “Save a horse, ride a cowboy.” (Appears that my mother didn’t really read what was on the shirt when she picked it out :).

Of course, having my family ignore the rather large elephant the room* in my parents living room for two plus days was rather taxing; to give myself credit, I only broke down once in the privacy of my sister’s bedroom, at Jody’s side.

And I AM glad that my parents were happy and got what they wanted.

(And, well, if you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all.)

* From The Phrase Finder: The expression “elephant in the room” refers to a situation where something major is going on, it’s on everyone’s mind and impossible to ignore — like an elephant in the room. But nobody talks about the “elephant” because nobody knows what to do about it. (Meaning, I wasn’t referring to certain people as large elephants.)

Christmas #2
Since Tay and I were busy doing our own family things while in Halifax, we flew home on Boxing Day with plans to follow through with our own Christmas traditions.

Christmas Eve was the usual fondue, followed by Miracle on 34th Street.

Christmas morning we woke up early, opened the gifts we had left in Mississauga for each other (my favorite gifts from Tay being my silver earrings, my Wynn bathrobe, my pajamas and my Donato spa gift card).

Renu and the kids showed up around 11 for breakfast and the gifts that followed. The joy and excitement that Jayant and Jagrit expressed over their gifts made my heard grow twice it’s size. I almost died hearing Jagi singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town and carrying his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD everywhere he went. Christmas isn’t Christmas without Renu and her family, and I’m so glad that they opened their hearts to accept these Christmas traditions that are so important to me.

Tay and I had decided that with all the turkey we’d be consuming in Halifax (times two for me), we’d forgo me making a turkey and have butter chicken instead and had invited Caius, Elisa and Simona over to join us. They arrive just before 5 and stayed till after 9; helping Simona to open her Christmas presents was so much fun and I realized that the BEST part of the Christmas holidays is watching little ones demolish your living room with wrapping, tissue paper and torn Christmas crackers.

And while Christmas with my family was lovely, Christmas at my home (with my other family)was exquisitely DIVINE.

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