I Asked My Sleep Specialist If I Was Unusual; He Kindly Said I Was Very Special
Some of the results from my sleep clinic that I did:

– She had Stage 1 sleep: 5.4% (Normal: 4.1), Stage 2 sleep: 65.7% (Normal: 53.77%), Stage 3 sleep: 7.2% (Normal: 6.42%), Stage 4 sleep: 1.0% (Normal: 7.58%)
– She had 4 REM periods and 10 awakenings during the night
– No snoring was observed throughout the night
– She had 101 spontanteous arousals, no respiratory arousals and 1 periodic limb movement arousals giving an overall arousal index of 14 per hour (normal: less than 5)
– There were several arousals from slow wave sleep typical of a Parasomnia. Episodic increase in muscle tone during REM sleep are features of a REM Behaviour Disorder


1. Parasomnia and REM Behavior Disorder
2. Premature Ventricular Complexes

Basically, the way the doctor explained it to me is that everyone’s brain stem produces two different types of cells that are related to sleeping. There’s your sleep cells and your wake cells. When you wake up, your wake cells are replenished and your sleep cells are depleted. At night, your wake cells have depleted and your sleep cells kick in. It’s one or the other apparently, for most people.

But me? When I’m sleeping, and my sleep cells are busy doing their thing, my wake cells are kicking in, which are causing the episodes where I hallucinate and run around the house thinking someone is after me. So, to protect myself (and Tay too, the doctor has heard of bed partners getting seriously injured (or killed!) sleeping with a parasomnia) the doctor is prescribing me sleeping pills which should neutralize those wake cells while I’m sleeping.

So now, when I tell people I don’t sleep well, I have documented, medical proof to prove it.

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