No Wonder Christmas is Sneaking Up On Me
(Week in Review)
Monday night: Holiday Party for work
Tuesday night: Doctor’s appointment
Wednesday night: Dinner at Renu’s
Thursday night: Community party at work/pick up new television
Friday night: Stayed home but had a friend visit
Saturday: Cleaned house, then downtown to celebrate Caius’s bday
Sunday: Lunch with Irene and Kim in Campbellville

(Week Ahead)
Monday: Dentist appointment, Christmas shopping, doctor’s appointment, poker
Tuesday night: BOD meeting
Wednesday night: Free
Thursday night: Dinner with L, A & AL
Friday night: Babysit for Renu
Saturday night: Tay’s Office Christmas party (Run, yoga, haircut, possible massage prior)
Sunday: Tree decorating party

My dayplanner is filled with plans and meetings both work and social, and notes that have been scribbled and crossed out. I never used to be a dayplanner type but I’ve become one in the past year, and when my planner’s not accessible to me, I feel lost without it (ie. I left it at work this weekend).

Coincidentally, my planner is empty from December 22nd until 26th, (I arrive in Halifax late on the 21st). A part of me wants to leave those pages blank so I can take advantage of not having anything to do while I’m home, but the more dominant part of me wants to fill those pages up – I’ve booked my mornings with workouts and now the afternoons and evenings for those days stretch before me.

Lunch anyone? Dinner? A movie? Poker? 🙂

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