I Wonder If Santa Receives Text Messages
This year when Renu sent me an email asking for my Christmas wish list, I promptly wrote her back and informed her that I would be holding my list hostage until she gave me HER wish list. I smartened up this year – in past Christmases, I’ve always happily given her my list first, then would ask her what she’d want. And every year, it’s always, “You don’t have to get me anything,” or “I will love whatever you give me.” So then I’d spend hours in the mall trying to find gifts for Renu, never knowing if she’ll like what I pick up and then worrying that she’s going to return everything.

But not this year!!

So last week she sent me her list and I scooted out on Saturday and within a couple of hours, I had bought her Christmas gifts. I’ve been gloating that I’ve finished shopping for her, meanwhile, I’ve been getting desperate emails from her asking for my Christmas wish list.

(Insert semi-evil-giggle here).

To be fair, I’ve been fighting a virus since Friday and running around at work going crazy, so finding the time to do my list has been hard (plus it hasn’t quite sunk in that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away). But this morning inspiration struck and while I was on the bus, I clued in that I could text message my Christmas list – which is what I did, one letter at a time, and then emailed it to my yahoo account. Once I got to work, I just had to go through the list and fill in the specifics and then off my list went.

Honestly, I think if all the children around the world text messaged their Christmas list, there’d be a lot less paper cuts and a lot more trees :).

Christmas Movie #2

It’s possible that the sole reason I enjoy this movie is based on the scene where Kate (Tea Leoni) presents her husband with his anniversary gift and can barely control her excitement at him a) opening his gift and then b) receiving her gift.

THAT’s why we give gifts :).

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