In Our Household, We Countdown to the Holidays Via DVD
On Thursday night Tay and I sat down and checked out our holiday movie collection – we do it every year to make sure that we have enough time available to watch all our favorites – and with plans already being made and me leaving for Halifax on the 21st, we decided we’d better get a move on our movie watching.

Tonight’s feature was none other than:

My favorite storyline of the movie is still the one between Mark and Juliet and the scene where he shows up on her doorstep is still amongst my favorites in the movie.

I think my most favorite scene though is where Hugh Grant is dancing in the Prime Minister’s house and one of his staff walks in on him. I said to Tay while watching it that it’s funny, because I never really found Hugh Grant attractive until this movie. Tay mentioned that his hair is certainly better in this movie but I’m not sure that’s entirely the deciding factor because his hair was already much improved in About A Boy. I think it was the dancing that did it for me.

In fact, anytime I watch Bridget Jones’s, it’s pretty clear to me who is more desirable – Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver. But in Love Actually, I couldn’t quite decide who was the luckier girl – the one kissing Colin Firth, or the one kissing Hugh Grant.

Ah the decisions a girl struggles with ;).

Not sure what is next on our movie list – we’re starting with the movies that aren’t overtly Christmasy nor are classics (we watch movies like It’s A Wonderful Life (can’t WAIT to reacquaint myself with Jimmy), A Christmas Story And Miracle on 34th Street closer to Christmas (34th is always reserved for Christmas Eve). Probably next is something like The Family Man, or maybe Bad Santa, but whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll be Ho-ho-ho-ing all the way through it :).

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