A Whole Bag of Shh!
Last week I suggested to Tay that I wanted to take Jayant to see Harry Potter for his birthday (which was Tuesday, by the way – Happy Birthday Jayant!) and the first question out of Tay’s mouth was whether or not Jayant was the type of kid to talk during the movies.

I’ve taken Jayant to two movies and both times, he sat and stared up at the screen, so enthralled with the films that he seemed speechless. So when Tay asked me if Jayant was a talker, I quickly assured him that he wasn’t and that we wouldn’t hear a PEEP from him.

Our plan had been to take Jayant on Saturday but most of the shows were sold out, and then the early evening show on his birthday was sold out as well so we went last night. We picked him up shortly after 6pm and he was waiting on the front step (so his little brother wouldn’t find out that he was going to Harry Potter), his hair damp and neatly combed. On the way to the theatre he very enthusiastically told us that he was reading the 4th Harry Potter book and then he began telling us what happens at the beginning of the movie. I kept Ssshing him, telling him I didn’t want to know, I didn’t want him to ruin the movie for me, but he couldn’t help himself and a few stray facts slipped out.

Tay dropped us at the theatre so that he could quickly run an errand at the mall and Jayant and I headed indoors where we played some air hockey, got New York fries and then settled into our seats in the theatre. Tay found us shortly before the movie started and as the trailers were playing, Jayant started to talk about the upcoming movies. I let it go because trailers are fair game, and I don’t mind chit chat during the trailers. It’s only when the movie starts playing that I zip it and expect likewise from those around me.

And then, not even 5 minutes into the movie, Jayant turns from the quiet, speechless movie goer that I was so used to, to this Harry Potter expert who couldn’t RESIST giving us a play by play on scenes that he recognized from the book, following up every prediction with an “I told you.”

I’ve been quite open about my frustrations at going to the movies where children are present and the children do things to disrupt the movie (talking, crying, kicking the back of seats) and I was mortified that I was suddenly one of those people associated with a talking kid at the movies. So I kept leaning over to Jayant and going “SHHHHH!!” everytime he spoke. And when he wouldn’t stop, I’d say things like, “You’re not supposed to talk,” or “You have to be quiet.” Jayant’s a good kid, very well behaved, and I don’t believe that he understood that his talking could be bothering other people and everytime I shushed him, it would work for a while and then he’d forget and a comment would pop out. And then I’d shush him again. We finally got to about 3/4 of the way through the movie and he said something during a relatively quiet but important part of the movie and when he loudly predicted what would happen, I couldn’t help it, I leaned over and said very clearly, “You HAVE to stop talking, you are bugging people!”

(Not really people, but me. Talking during movies DRIVES ME CRAZY, just ask my sister.)

After that he was mostly quiet and I would look over at him and he’d be staring up at the screen with that same speechless awe and despite the previous comments I was so glad that we had brought him with us, because it was so clear that he was just enthralled. And I realize that his comments stemmed from his excitement and I wasn’t really annoyed by his talking, I just didn’t want to disturb the other movie goers. And, in retrospect, my efforts to quiet him might have been more annoying to the rest of the movie goers then Jayant’s talking :).

After the movie let out and while we were waiting for Tay to use the bathroom, Jayant and I were chatting and I told him how smart I thought he was for being able to read the Harry Potter book (according to the library, it’s a grade 7 book so he’s well ahead in his reading) and I told him that I thought it was great that he was able to figure things out so quickly during the movie but then I told him that some people aren’t as smart as he is and they like figuring things out by themselves, which is why I kept Sssshing him :).

Anyhow, I quote enjoyed Harry Potter – it’s probably the one I liked the most (which could be an unfair assessment since I hardly remember the first two and I think I slept through large chunks of the third one (it was after Christmas dinner last year)) but what I liked most about this HP was I think that we see very clearly three things in this movie – 1) Just how GOOD a person Harry truly is and 2) the true extent of the tribulations that he faces because of his background and 3) and just how much he really, really doesn’t want the fame and glory and how much he just wants to be like everyone else.

Definitely worth seeing – even with a chatty, educated nine year old Harry Potter fan with insider information :).

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