The Next Time Geo’s Headed My Way, I’m SO Running The Other Direction
Tay is currently on the small sofa in the living room, half covered in the blanket I made, and Geo is snoring on the dining room floor. We went to bed around 6 this morning, woke up just after 11 and made chocolate chip pancakes (I ended up passing on the pancakes because I ended up eating the wrap that a fellow poker player forgot to eat last night and had stashed in the fridge – it was GOOD) and then I couldn’t help it, I went and laid on the sofa in the family room. When I woke 3 hours later, I went to find Tay and Geo and found them sleeping as well.

For the most part, we’re all fine. A minor headache and some slight queasiness which is my ‘typical’ hangover (which is not a common state for me, by any means). I’m surprised we’re doing okay, when we woke up this morning, we discovered that we had drank an entire bottle of vodka (750ml), and almost 3/4 of the bottle of cointreau. We ended up giving Moose some vodka and cranberry so we weren’t responsible for all the vodka, which is a good thing, because we both also drank a Mike’s cooler each, plus 2.5 of these half and half strawberry & cream vodka shots (an impulse by for Geo at the LCBO).

And, fortunately, it wasn’t a total wasted day – Tay had cleaned the entire kitchen by the time I made it downstairs (I was terrified to witness the carnage, sometimes I love my husband SO much for the little things he does for me) and I also washed the last few squares for my quilt and am about to put all the bedding in the washer. But even if nothing got done, that’d be fine too because we certainly got a day’s worth of fun in between the hours of 8pm last night and 6 am this morning :).

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