Poker, Guns and Whisky
(Vegas Old West Style)

We’re back, we’re tired, we’re sated.

We never seem to run out of things to do in Vegas, and this trip was no different – Tay and I both experienced a couple of ‘firsts’ while away; Taylor won his very first poker tourney at the Aladdin, placing first out of 70+ people and I fired a gun for the first time ever – we went to the gun shop where they had target practice in the back and all of us rented handguns . I deferred to the guy working behind the counter and he recommended a 9mm Beretta for me. Not sure what I thought of the whole experience – pretty terrifying but exhilirating at the same time. I’m sure I’ll blog about that particular experience later on.

The whisky was Geo’s – he bought a bottle in the guest shop at the hotel and carried it around in the pocket of his jeans Friday night. No one ever would have guessed he had it on him except he didn’t screw the cap on tightly once and then got on a roller coaster :).

Even before we left we were already talking about going back again – I suggested next year for Tay’s birthday in June. If you’re interested in coming, start saving your pennies now :).

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